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May 20, 2005

Urgh... NEVER Again!

At least, that's what I always say after a bad hangover :-(

Went out to Stotfold last night for a couple of post-work beers with Gareth. His local has a curry/chilli night Thursdays, so it's always a good night for beer and food. And after this week, a chance to catch up on his progress at work, me having had 2 days out and made it a real short week. Even bumped into my department head and his partner, which made this morning even MORE embarassing :-(

I awoke this morning, feeling a little fragile, but none the worse than normal. I didn't, therefore, expect to be at home by 9am, wondering how long it would be before I'd start "talking to God on the porcelain telephone". Rough? I've not felt that bad in a loooong time. I blame the blue cheese ;-)

Just got up, having had a long, nausiating sleep. Off for a bath, then hospice for the plants, and maybe chance the gym. Pub later? You MUST be joking :-

Posted by alan at May 20, 2005 03:16 PM

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