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September 27, 2005

Corking Weekend

Got lots done, work, shopping, and a bit more tidying and sorting. The garden is all "Autumn-fied", as I'm busy now for a good few weekends.

And Sunday was spent helping out a guy in Club GTI with a small wiring problem. I say small, he'd had the car stripped without labelling up where things go. Suffice to say, it helped having a working GTI sat next to his, so we could work our way through the wiring. I also discovered why my electrics have been playing up during the damper weather. The cool air vents blowing directly onto the back of the fusebox :-O So, a good clean-up of leaves, damp, etc... and all seems to be working once more :-D

The radiator hose split again too, which was annoying. I've still to get a brand new one, canabilising yet another off the other cars. This weekend I think will have to be a dipping in pockets and buying new one. Owh, and filling it with some coolant. Just water isn't going to be doing it any good, and I suspect is contributing to the pipe-burst effects.

Posted by alan at September 27, 2005 12:38 PM

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