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October 17, 2005

Time Stands Still For No-one

Having spent the day going through stuff, it's been a little tearful. But if I'm honest, I've been bursting out most of the week just gone. Strange, because you can't explain what sets you off, and suddenly tears are streaming down your face. At the bar, on the dance floor, waiting to pay at the checkout. Something triggers something and the emotion floods in.

Songs like the Coldplay latest, Fix You, or Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles, or DJ Sammy's Heaven quietly playing in the background, pounding out on the dance floor, and subconciously entering my thoughts.

Can't really sleep tonight, on account of this now annoying tickly cough. So up, fidgeting, finding something to do whilst I cough up my guts.

And then it hits me. Today, or rather just about now. 18 months ago to be exact. I miss you :-(

Posted by alan at October 17, 2005 01:17 AM

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