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October 26, 2005

On The Bloodhound Trail

It turns out there are readers out there, beyond the site landlord, my brother Ian, the Deletetheweb gang, and a few work friends. A comment posted to my recent post on eBay madness by a chap called Ian from Spinneyhead Scale. He's recently bought a Bloodhound from eBay in the US, and didn't appreciate the re-releases.

So, in answer to the question, I thought it'd be an idea to post up a few snippets and links :-D

The best place I've found for history of Airfix, kit releases, and places to buy out of production kits, are:

Original released in 1960, as a HO/OO scale vehicle kit. Re-released in 1993(?) as 1:72 scale aircraft kit. It includes a landrover and trailer, along with a couple of figures and guard dog. The Bloodhound has also been included in a release of the early Hercules aircraft, these particular kits going for daft prices if and when they appear on eBay.

As always, I stand to be corrected, as most of the info above is what's trawled from the 'net. All my bits and bobs are up in the loft back home, so catalogue accuracy can not be claimed ;-)

Posted by alan at October 26, 2005 01:29 PM

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