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November 25, 2005

The End Of The Best

George BestThe news that George Best is on his last days this morning, and the annoucement later in the day that he'd passed away.

Many will question his life, and the abuse he put his body through. But watching a number of the programmes and news this evening, and reading his obituary on the BBC, there's a lot that the world at large did, and didn't do. Sure, you can choose between a pint and an orange juice. But it's that realisation that a lot of life rotates around the pub. When you want a chat outside of work, or socially, when do you say, "Fancy a latte down Starbucks...." And, it appears, the pub became the meeting ground and hostel for one of the world's footballing greats.

He'll be remembered as someone who lived their life to the full, without fear or worry of looking good or feeling bad about what others thought. George Best was, as they say, George Best.

A legend has gone. Long live the legend ;-)
The Black Country Villan's (aka Lee) tribute.

Posted by alan at November 25, 2005 10:57 PM

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