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November 29, 2005

Not Long To Curtain Up

The rehearsal performance of my Primavera presentation yesterday afternoon, in front of a select group of peers and bosses, went well. A few pointers on delivery, to be expected, and a couple of ammendments on content. But all in all, an impressive 35 minutes, apparently ;-)

So, now it's countdown to Thursday and standing up in front of the bigger audience. Will let you know how it went on Friday, I suspect I'll be down the pub Thursday night celebrating, or calming my nerves ;-)

[UPDATE] The snippet from the Primavera site:

Challenges and Successes in Implementing Primavera across Europe
Alan Bell, Primavera Training & Database Manager, MBDA (UK).

With an annual turnover exceeding 3 billion, a forward order book of over 13 billion and over 70 customers world wide, MBDA is a world leading, global missile systems company. In 2003 it took on the task of implementing a single project management tool across 3 nations (France, Italy, UK). This session will describe the process followed, challenges identified, and lessons learnt from implementing Primavera across the business.

Posted by alan at November 29, 2005 12:46 PM

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