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January 20, 2008

In Paris Once More

In Paris once more, with work. Meetings tomorrow, and then back on the Eurostar to Blighty early evening. Best bit is finding another hotel with WiFi :-D

Had a late night last night, celebrating someone's birthday, well, when I always thought it was, demolishing a few of the single malts collected over Christmas (hmm, Burns night soon ;-)). Jerry Mcguire was on UK Living, I know, unusual for that channel to be showing films. It's another one I'm sure I've seen, but there was bits I didn't remember.

It's a film I've added to my Must get on DVD list, for birthday and Christmas ideas when I get asked. And it had a whole load of meanings to come away with.

For example, life is really all your own. You make the choices and decisions, no-one else can be blamed. Make sure the choice is the right choice, and not the right now choice. Everyone has friends, but you only have a few true friends. What looks right, now, might not be what's right for ever. But don't get all het up about making a right now choice, just make sure all concerned are clear that it's a moment, and not the future or for the rest of your life.

Posted by alan at January 20, 2008 07:45 PM

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