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Marathon Man

Gia recently told me this story.

A friend of hers was jogging through central park. He saw someone grab a woman's purse and run off so he gave chase. He started to catch up with the robber and began wondering what the hell he was going to do when he caught up with him. Concerned that the thief might be dangerous he slowed down so as just to keep up with him. He then decided to make contact.

"I hope you can run another 25 miles because I'm a marathon runner!" he shouted.

The crook looked back to see our man striding along easily... and dropped the bag.


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I once chased and caught a would-be car thief outside Kirkstall Leisure centre in Leeds. I heard a scream in the car park and a woman shouted at me, "They're stealing my car!" I ran over and they legged it, so I chased the weedy looking one. Fortunately he didn't run too fast or too far, instead he tried dodging and side stepping me.., which, frankly, started to feel a little silly. I think I said, "I can run faster than you" (I must have been deluded by my tracksuit and trainers into thinking I was some kind of sports jock). He stopped running and I grabbed his arm in what I imagined to be a citizens arrest type hold. Then he stuck his hand in his jacket pocket, poked his finger forward and said. "I've got a knife in here." I'm afraid I laughed and I think I said, "No you haven't." Then I firmly marched him over to the reception desk to face the consequences. And I hope he learned a very good lesson and got a severe telling off when he got home.

Heh. Begs the question of what would have happened had the thief stopped and turned round...

Top blog title, by the way. Can we get a 'statistics' category, too?

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