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Super Cars 2

Sitting alongside Speedball 2 and Civilisation 3, Super Cars 2 is one of the best games ever made.

There is a surprising depth to this game. Not only do you have to hone your skills on the tracks and take careful aim with your missiles, but you can also have fun playing it as a trading game.
I'm sure you'll be well aware that prices in the shop vary. Therefore an astute purchase of front firing missiles at £90, can lead to a healthy profit when sold a couple of races later.

Anyway, the reason this entry is here is to remind me of the order in which the races occur. Believe me it's useful information if you want to know when to equip your car with 'supers' and 'nitros'.

Easy Courses
1. Simple first course
2. One jump, one bridge, some banks and a long straight.
3. Winding, thin, flat course with a few hills.
4. Many tunnels and several wide banked straights.
5. Short, fast course with a choice of route and a level crossing.
6. Long course with a difficult jump on a bend.
7. A long straight with tight curves and opening gates.

Medium Level
1. Long course with diagonal run.
2. Bumpy chicane with a wide banked straight.
3. Easy and hard routes; choice of shortcuts.
4. Jumps, crossovers and bridges, the road weaves up and down.
5. Unfenced course.
6. Ground or air routes and a bottleneck.
7. Jumps and level crossings on a circular course.

For added amusement change the name of player one to 'Wonderland' [or 'Sout'] and the name of player 2 to 'The Seer'. This equips your car with everything the shop has to offer.


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