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May 19, 2003

A Killer Is On The Loose

Now, owning a cat is one thing, you get used to the little presents he brings in the house. Only last year he helped redecorate the front room with Dove down, much to the detrement of the former Collared Dove. It is an ex-dove, it is no more, etc....

But, when you've had serious surgery, and want your sleep, it doesn't help if your beloved pet brings in a bird, or 3

The killer, Spitfire, resting after another terror wreaking night on the tiles...

About 8am he brings in a blackbird, waking Jules , and wreaking havoc around the house, as the pics show.

The crap up the walls...

... up the door...

...feathers on the floor...

...and all over the window sill

The bird, shocked and ruffled, was quickly wisked to the vets, and released back later that day.

Of course, Spitfire then goes and grabs another 2 birds, chicks, on Sunday night, which we drop off to the vets.

Posted by alan at May 19, 2003 1:28 PM

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