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May 28, 2003

You're discharged... (so no static shocks then?)

We've been to see the radiotherapist today to chat about Jules ' scans she had a fortnight ago. Basically because all appears well at the mo', and the risks of damage from having radiotherapy, they believe the best course of action is to keep an eye on things and if it suddenly grows out of control (highly unlikely we're told) they'll tackle it then. Oh, and if you've yet to get the hang of this, there's a link on the next line that takes you to the HUGE report on it all!!!

"But it's a malignant tumour, and it's nasty!"

With these tumours the biopsy can show a nasty high grade tumour, which Jules has, yet in reality it will exhibit the growth and spread of a low grade one, which it appears Jules one is doing. This explains why we've been told it's nasty, and it's not nasty. And also why they're suggesting wait and see rather than BANG BANG BANG with the radiotherapy treatment.

"Why no radiotherapy then?"

As for the reasoning behind no radiotherapy, the big problem for Jules is that she had about 30gray of radiotherapy to the brain when having the leukaemia treatment. And this only leaves another 30gray to tackle the current tumour, which they've calculated as being borderline. And their fear is that simply doing it because they can, JUST, it'll trip something up later on, in months, years time, and Jules will be suffering unecessarily.

So, we've an appointment with the surgeon in a fortnight's time, and then I guess she'll be popping back regularly for check-ups to make sure it's not going out of control and causing more problems. I'm assuming she'll have to undergo surgery again sometime in the future, but at the mo' I've not asked this since there's enough for her to tackle at the mo'.

Posted by alan at May 28, 2003 9:43 PM

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