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June 5, 2003

Wish You Were Here?

Well it'll be a few days into the holiday for The Don, Ruby, Ruth and Rims Noodle. Jetting off at the weekend, we didn't go this year, for obvious reasons.

It's a shame, as Jules can't remember much from last year. Memet's bar :-D, the beers, clubbing (the best in the world!), and the food - portions beyond imagination and delight :-D Oh!. and the donor kebabs? To die for :-D

Surfing the web found this place Holidays-Exposed.com - Turunc. So we're not alone in thinking it was an enjoyable break from the rat race. And even Nirvana gets a mention here! The resort of Turunc in Turkey And for those wanting to give their "marks out of 10", try here - Holidays-Exposed.com - Turunc Nightlife - they need piccies Sy !!

Wish We Were There? - Yes, definately. Bring us back some turkish delights guys :-D

Posted by alan at June 5, 2003 8:07 PM

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Al and Jules'

Trıed to send a comment the other day but ıt dıd not appear so we wil try again.

It has rained a lot thıs year and we are all mıssıng you both (Mehmet hopes Jules gets better soon.)

Your Turkish delıght is in the bag (so is the whisky).

İ hope you make it to the airport to meet us as Ruth would like to talk to Jules.

Al. You may have to check this message for the i (eyes) as this is a turkish keyboard.

There has been a couple of attempts on the Don's lıfe.

See you soon.

Sy Geoff Ruby and Ruth

Posted by: Sy at June 10, 2003 6:48 PM

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