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December 30, 2003

The Latest

Jules has had an assessment from the local hospice, Letchworth Garden, and they'll be giving their answer next week. It look's likely that she'll be moving there soon, since the level of care at Lister isn't as high as that at the hospice.

As for Jules herself, things are still progressing slowly, although some things are taking a back step. Her energy levels seem to go up and down each day, with some days full strength, and others no strength. She's still able to communicate, read, and give as good as she gets. It's now more of a case of picking a good day to chat. On the bad days she's simply too tired to try, and needs lots of encouragement to try.

Physio and occupational therapy continues, but struggles with her energy levels. She's now taking days out when things are too much, so it isn't a daily routine as before.

A friend mentioned the other day, "Has she lost her marbles?", which I could understand as she's not anything like she used to be, the chatterbox of old. But I soon put them to rights, explaining she's still got an eye for detail, reading anything she has to sign (student loans being one), and writing down lists of things to be done, bought, etc...

Posted by alan at December 30, 2003 4:44 PM

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hey alan its becky &
tony how are you ! hope everythings all good
look foward to seeing u soon hun !

Posted by: Becky (Jules' Cuz) at February 7, 2004 6:11 PM

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