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May 21, 2004

The Arrangements

It will start at our house, go via Janet's, before reaching the church. If anyone wishes to follow us down, let either Janet or myself know.

Church Service
The service is at The Transfiguration RC Church on Grove Road, Old Town at 1pm. It's adviseable to turn up around 12:30 so you can get parked and grab a seat. A map showing the location of the church from the A1(M), along with suitable parking, can be found here.

Weston Road Cemetry
After the service (2pm approx) we will take Jules to the cemetery where a short service will be held before laying her to rest. A map showing the routes from the church to the cemetry can be found here.

The Wake
We're still finalising details of the wake, so will announce it at the funeral on the day. It will be a celebration of Jules life, so make sure, where possible, that you've suitable arrangements to get home.

We've asked that people make donations to the Garden House Hospice, Letchworth, either via Austin's, or the family. All we ask is that you accompany the donation with a note of your name and address so that the Hospice can contact you.

And Finally...
On behalf of everyone I'd like to thank you all for the kind words, comments, emails, cards, text's and phone calls. We've been overwhelmed with everyone's words and thoughts this week, and we've found them a real boost in the last few days. We all hope as many people as possible will be able to make Tuesday, and join us in celebrating Jules with a large drink that afternoon.

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