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April 30, 2003

And another thing...

Jules is having a post-op clinic Friday the 13th of June, which is a long way away. So, given her sudden lack of enthusiasm (see earlier) and wish to stay in bed, we call to see what we can do about maybe moving the appointment closer.

"Oh, don't worry, it's normal for the appointment to be anything upto 8 weeks from discharge, but only in exceptional circumstances...."

Hmmm, Jules left on the 11 April, 8 weeks from that is 6 June....

Questions are mounting up, we need some answers...

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April 28, 2003

Not good...

Well, the radiologist rang today and said Jules has had too much radiotherapy as a child to combat her leukaemia so can't have any now. "How will she feel about this?" she asks....

But hang on, the biopsy said it was nasty and needed twatting with some good ol' radiation...

So, if she can't have radiotherapy, surely she'll....

Hmmm, we need to talk...

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Back at work, urgh!

I don't ever remember feeling this knackered after 2 weeks off work. And I've forgotten ALL my passwords too. Not the best thing to do on a Monday, "Please hold, your call is important to us...", ARGGHHH !!!

Wasn't until having a coffee with someone in the office that reality was forced on me, "Well, it wasn't a normal 2 weeks off now, was it!"

Work, it's the rest I need from being at home. Now, must get onto Occupational Health about fitting that pillow to my chair...

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April 27, 2003

Technology - Who'd Be Without It!

Isn't technology great? I mean, this weblog for example (ta Mr Sanderson, hope all went well!). And this get well greeting from our friends Carole, Paul and "Not-so-little" baby Danielle:

Yahoo! Greetings

Thanks to everyone again for their kind thoughts.

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April 26, 2003

Take A Walk On The Wild Side!

Well the forecast April showers never turned up. So Jules and I went down the Fairlands Valley Park a place the size of a small town, slap bang in the centre of concrete Stevenage.

Forced into this Jules was none too happy. But it seems the cramps and swelling is going down the more exercise she does.

Oh, and will everyone stop staring before she slaps someone!!

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April 25, 2003

Click-ity Click

Jules was saying earlier today that she's been suffering from what she thought was jaw clicking. Well, a quick surf around the sites we've found already and this comes up:


So, the clicking's her scalp, urghhh !!

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April 23, 2003

The Oncology Clinc

Well today was the meeting with the radiologist. And a chance to look once again at the MRI scans.

IT WAS HUGE. There is no other way of describing it. Strangely fascinating and yet frightning all at the same time. A section of the head behind the right eye, the size of quarter of the brain. It grew from underneath and to the side, covering a HUGE space. Clench your fists and hold them together at the wrists. THATS BIG!!

The remaining bits are stuck around the back of the lower brain, and optical nerve going to the right eye, and not far from the left eye which, if left alone, it could eventually envelope. For that reason alone it will need radiotherapy, as if it grows further toward the left eye it could affect Jules eyesight altogether.

Bad news, and good news I suppose. Bad, as Jules I know ain't looking forward to the radiotherapy. And good, in so far as there's a lot gone already. Just a bit left to get out.

"Can't we put some bugs in there to eat it away?", was Jules reaction and question. It's a shame that's not possible, as the therapy, probably 3-4 weeks of it, will take a lot out of her. Being punched in the stomach without the pain of the punch, but all the winding, is what she said it was like as a child.

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Thought we'd post up some of the big dates in Jules recent times, so it makes the weblog appear to be around for much longer than it has been. Like an online diary before it was actually on-line ;-)

So the first post was on 13 April, but there's stuff in the archives now!

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Bloomin' Marvellous!

All the plants are blooming now.

More pictures at:

Jules Flowers

click on the link Jules Flowers and Jules Bunch of Flowers

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April 22, 2003

What Does It All Mean?

Good question. But thanks to the power of the web we can find out the answers to just about everything...

Facts About Meningiomas

The Meningioma Mommas

Interesting reads I'm sure you'll agree!

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April 20, 2003

Time to redecorate

Been fiddling with the background stuff here, see what colours look like.

We're also allowed to redecorate the house now that the landlord's been round. Oh, and new windows and doors are on the cards, at least when she's recovered. Ripping out the windows and doors with her in the state she's in, I don't want to be the fitters if they decide to come round soon!!!

Let us know if the scheme's to your liking!!

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Happy Easter!

So whilst Jules and my Mum stayed at home, the Brothers Bell hit the Stevenage Old Town, along with Jules younger brothers, Stu and Chris.

A curry, home, and hangover. Another Easter gone!

Pictures here!

Brothers In Arms, ready for a night on the town!

After another drink, Ian's chucked out once again....!

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April 18, 2003

I never... Did I?

Jules memory's, understandably, taken a bit of a bashing. She can't remember things. All part of the recovery we're assured.

For example, my surprise 30th birthday party last year. Or how she came to own a new pair of Whinny The Pooh pyjamas. "And do I like Beef?", much to Ian's annoyance...

Of course, it does have some advantages. She can't remember my birthday, so doesn't know what she got me. Oh, and the dinner I owe her and Sy has slipped her mind too ;-) And all those episodes of Friends? A complete 8 series marathon awaits, well, at least until her memory returns.

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April 17, 2003

Extended Holiday...

Well, work has been extremely accomodating in allowing me time off to look after Jules . And we couldn't have picked a better time. The weather is glorious!!

All Jules relatives and friends have been sending in flowers, many thanks to all. And with the money I've gone and splashed out on some plants to go in the garden. Which has been easy given the time on my hands to do it.

So, open invitation to everyone, pop in, have a coffee, and sit out in the garden. Because you can now, thanks mainly to Sy for clearing the shed into the loft. Fingers crossed the ceiling holds now !!

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10 Rounds with Mike Tyson

Everyone's asking Jules what it feels like, now she's out of hospital and at home. Well,

"It's like having been 10 round with Mike Tyson"

which, given the circumstances, and the fact she's home after just over 1 week recovery from an op compared to that of open heart surgery, I think we need to get her trained up and ready for her challenge bout !

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April 14, 2003

We're playing

A new toy, and lots of time on our hands to play with it!

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April 13, 2003

First post!

Test post to check this is working. Which, it appears from first sight, it does.


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April 11, 2003

Whoops, nearly forgot your scan!

Well, Wednesday was a bit premature. Turns out Jules needs a post-op scan for the radiotherapist and surgeon to review. So today's the day instead. Would've come home last night, only the idea of travelling on London's beautiful underground didn't appeal.

"Get Alan to drive into London and bring me home" she said. Shortly followed by, "Can't you mind the bumps, please!".

Yeah, and I'm not the one who can't drive anymore, and don't I know it! Al's Taxis have just got an extended contract it would seem.

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April 9, 2003

Go home!!!

"So when exactly can I go home", said Jules .

"Now if you want", said the registrar

Eh, but it's less than 7 days after the biggest operation in her, and I gather a lot of people's, life.

Maybe it's not just titanium plates they put in, perhaps Jules is the next "Steve Austin", well, female version, obviously.

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April 4, 2003

Morning has broken...

Well, after nearly 16 hours of sitting with Jules in ICU, Me and her mum have eventually managed to grab a couple of hours kip. A sandwich (Ansley Harriots Big Brunch Buttie - yummy!), coffee, and a break whilst they prep Jules for her move into the High Dependency Unit back on Thorne Ward. Yes, that's right, she's out of ICU and off to a normal bed, after less than 24 hours. A record we're told, and one I'm chuffed to bits she's broken!

Lets hope the speedy recovery continues!

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April 3, 2003

It's All Over...

Well Jules came out the other side after 8 hours of theatre. Screaming and swearing in Intensive Care, finger in the air, telling everyone, "to shut the f@~* up coz I've got a headache".

Jules is back, and I can now breathe a sigh of relief. We're on the road to recovery, a journey I've been waiting a long time to start ;-)

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Is it right?

I'm sitting in a pub somewhere off The Strand with a good pal of mine from work. His idea, at least that's what I'm gonna tell Jules .

But is this right, me, tucking into a rather nice pint and pie 'n' chips, with my fiancee "under the knife" ??

I think yes, it's taking my mind off things, the worries, the horror stories we've been fed over the last few weeks. And that must only be a good thing, surely?

I'm here, doin' fine, and therefore Jules must be doin' fine. If she wasn't, this pint would taste like Hooch, coz she'd have poured half of her bottle into it if she was here...

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The Big Day...

Today's the day of the big op. The surgeon has compared it to a heart transplant.

We're off down there to see Jules , spend some time in London, and then be there when she comes round afterwards in Intensive Care.

Wish us all good luck!

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