July 29, 2003

I Can't See

As the title says, Jules went back to work on Monday and can't actually read anything, which is:

1) A pain, coz that's really 99% of her job
2) A worry, because a fortnight ago it wasn't a problem.

We're off to hospital again on Thursday for a scan, so more news when we know.

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July 28, 2003

Back to Work !!

Up with the Lark this morning, Jules is sooo excited about getting back into the swing of things. Which is quite strange, because I'm not, in fact I'd love to stay off work at the mo'.

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July 1, 2003

Today's The Day!

Well, it would be if everyone knew what they were doing. Instead Jules has spent all day calling round everyone trying to find out when they want her back!

Look's like a little more time at home for now.

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