April 11, 2003

Whoops, nearly forgot your scan!

Well, Wednesday was a bit premature. Turns out Jules needs a post-op scan for the radiotherapist and surgeon to review. So today's the day instead. Would've come home last night, only the idea of travelling on London's beautiful underground didn't appeal.

"Get Alan to drive into London and bring me home" she said. Shortly followed by, "Can't you mind the bumps, please!".

Yeah, and I'm not the one who can't drive anymore, and don't I know it! Al's Taxis have just got an extended contract it would seem.

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April 9, 2003

Go home!!!

"So when exactly can I go home", said Jules .

"Now if you want", said the registrar

Eh, but it's less than 7 days after the biggest operation in her, and I gather a lot of people's, life.

Maybe it's not just titanium plates they put in, perhaps Jules is the next "Steve Austin", well, female version, obviously.

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April 4, 2003

Morning has broken...

Well, after nearly 16 hours of sitting with Jules in ICU, Me and her mum have eventually managed to grab a couple of hours kip. A sandwich (Ansley Harriots Big Brunch Buttie - yummy!), coffee, and a break whilst they prep Jules for her move into the High Dependency Unit back on Thorne Ward. Yes, that's right, she's out of ICU and off to a normal bed, after less than 24 hours. A record we're told, and one I'm chuffed to bits she's broken!

Lets hope the speedy recovery continues!

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April 3, 2003

It's All Over...

Well Jules came out the other side after 8 hours of theatre. Screaming and swearing in Intensive Care, finger in the air, telling everyone, "to shut the f@~* up coz I've got a headache".

Jules is back, and I can now breathe a sigh of relief. We're on the road to recovery, a journey I've been waiting a long time to start ;-)

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Is it right?

I'm sitting in a pub somewhere off The Strand with a good pal of mine from work. His idea, at least that's what I'm gonna tell Jules .

But is this right, me, tucking into a rather nice pint and pie 'n' chips, with my fiancee "under the knife" ??

I think yes, it's taking my mind off things, the worries, the horror stories we've been fed over the last few weeks. And that must only be a good thing, surely?

I'm here, doin' fine, and therefore Jules must be doin' fine. If she wasn't, this pint would taste like Hooch, coz she'd have poured half of her bottle into it if she was here...

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The Big Day...

Today's the day of the big op. The surgeon has compared it to a heart transplant.

We're off down there to see Jules , spend some time in London, and then be there when she comes round afterwards in Intensive Care.

Wish us all good luck!

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