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May 05, 2004

the physical act of painting

To cover a panel 1200mm x 1800mm [4’ x 6’ for those still living with the old units] is a daunting task. Household wall paint is designed to cover large areas with ease. Artists' oil paints are not formulated to paint walls, as you can imagine. They are spectacularly thick and, with addition of linseed oil, can get gloriously gloopy, but not such that covering over 2 square metres of panel is an easy task.

Then there are the brush strokes to consider, again household paint, unlike oil paint, is made to minimise brush strokes. Now don’t get me wrong I like brush strokes, they signify the presence of the artist, but, when filling in a large area, the way the brush strokes are applied can affect the end result; too sloppy and it looks a mess, too ordered and it looks flat. The size of the brush and consistency of the paint affects the finish of the surface. [In a painting a great deal rests on the treatment of the surface.]

And that’s just the under-painting which will in all probability be completely covered over by the end, but it might not be, so it has to be right. Every level of the painting has to be right

Posted by john at May 5, 2004 10:10 AM

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