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May 06, 2005

honest painting

I want the paint to be paint. I donít want to pretend it isnít. The picture is a trick [a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface] but I want you to know itís a trick, and see how itís done to a certain extent.

I want the brushstroke to be seen, and seen as a positive gesture. I donít go for blending. I donít want to fade in and out of the form, like the ending of some crap pop record just fades out because they can't think of an ending.

I want the effect of the paint to produce an almost incidental likeness. A chance effect that creates some similarity to the subject. I want the picture to have both the power of the paint and the coincidence of a distinct similarity to life.

So you can see this:


Then look closer and find that itís made up of these:



Which by themselves donít make sense, or at least arenít immediately obvious.

Answers, as to which part of the painting the above details are from, on a postcard please to: john@johncoombes.com

Posted by john at May 6, 2005 01:43 PM

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