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July 05, 2005


For those who pay attention, and generally keep up to speed with my main site, you'll have seen some photographs of me painting. Photographer Tim Johnstone is doing a documentary on my work, and we did another session today.

I set up a panel with a light ground and some lettering, then attempt to paint a figure in one sitting while Tim takes photographs. It worked well with the portrait a couple of weeks ago:


and today was a reclining figure:


Its interesting having another dynamic in the studio, and it makes me look at my painting in a more direct way. I can see why people used to paint with musicians and jugglers in the studio. The music now comes from the big G4 via the Cornflake Shop, the juggling I'll leave to Jim, mind you he'd better practise some more or he'll have the paint on the floor.

Posted by john at July 5, 2005 09:50 PM

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