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November 17, 2005

The Future is Fruit

I was lying in bed this morning, contemplating the future, the way you do, and I thought: ďFruit. The way forward is fruit. I shall paint more fruit. I can do it.Ē And I can.


And I will.

Itís hard selling pictures. Itís hard selling pictures that are 1800mm by 1200mm [thatís 6íx4í for those still measuring their lives Imperially]. Itís hard selling pictures that are 1800mm x 1200mm and are of naked figures. Particularly when the big pictures of naked figures are what has been described as confrontational uncompromising compositions.


Fruit on the other hand is much easier. Not that much easier, it has to be said. As Iíve previously mentioned in these diaries, itís not every piece that lends itself to my scrutiny. Mind you the same can be said for figures, I canít just paint anyone.

So I shall paint some more fruit. Though as the day dawns and reality seeps in under the blinds the prospect doesnít seem so attractive. Itís hard to have a decent conversation with a pomegranate.


NOTE 1: I was going to call this: The Future is Orange, but though I would be hooking you in with a neat catchphrase, and my phone is indeed Orange, I donít paint oranges so it wouldn't strictly be true, and anyway I prefer the alliteration, the bizarre nature of the statement [which holds enough associations with said advertising campaign for my liking] and the inherent mystery.

NOTE 2: I never did paint that pear, so I shall have to work from the photograph.

Posted by john at November 17, 2005 08:35 AM