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November 30, 2005

The life of a pirate artist

Iím an outlaw. Oh, donít get me wrong I pay my taxes, but apart from that I canít fill in many of the boxes beyond my address on the bankís annual review form.

Now pirates were basically filthy brigands who generally dipped their hair in tar and set fire to the ends before jumping onto other peopleís ships and getting up to no good amongst the rigging. But their image, as that of the Highwayman, handed down by Hollywood and literature, is one of the romantic outlaw.


Casting aside the rough stuff, the artist must needs set his hair afire from time to time, and jump onboard your ship with a view to stirring up trouble. There will always be outlaws, there will always be artists, and some people will always consider the prices asked by some of the latter as daylight robbery. Well let me tell you, itís a damn sight better than what the likes of Teach or Turpin would get up to.

Edward Teach aka Blackbeard

I live a different life, it isnít any easier, indeed some would say itís harder to be continually self-motivated, and to struggle with little reward. Others would say itís the height of selfishness and arrogance to imagine that I have something to say. But in my defence I say only itís not always a choice thing.

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