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December 01, 2005

sausage, egg and beans

If life was just an all-day breakfast, sausage, egg and beans, and cheap wallpaper, what a good place it would be.

But I fear it isn’t as simple as that. Our fundamental needs may be merely being kept warm, dry, fed and caressed occasionally. [for which sausage, egg and beans goes a long way] but there is something else – and it ain’t wallpaper.


We have demands – we want answers goddammit! And the answers aren’t forthcoming so we need the arts to pose questions to stimulate the discussions that might eventually throw up some answers. The arts aren’t just here to look good. As Daphne says: “if you want pretty – call in the decorators.” If you want to live a little - call in the pirates.

Posted by john at December 1, 2005 11:50 PM


You would think that she would be a bit happier at the site of that full English breakfast.

Posted by: Martin at December 5, 2005 05:48 PM