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December 17, 2005

Nothing comes for ages,


but, not wanting to go down the whole waiting-for-a-bus-and-six-turning-up-at-once route, I shall draw my analogy from a river, a small river, a mountain stream perhaps. It dries up when its path is blocked, by a stray boulder, beavers or a Chinese construction crew, and all the water builds up, until the dam bursts and the valley is awash with number 7 buses.


Two weeks ago, after a break of nearly four months, I began painting again. Now I have five paintings on the go.


As regular readers of these journals will know I have been trying to lighten my palette of late. Trying to get away from the dark and mysterious and into the realms of the sweet and light. But this new territory is dangerous for here there be demons.


The Land of Sweet and Light leads inexorably to The Blended World, a world I do not wish to inhabit.

[more on the other four will follow, I'm sure]

Posted by john at December 17, 2005 09:52 PM