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April 24, 2008

Chaos and cold coffee

The Second Law of Thermodynamic is quite clear on this subject. If you leave it alone, a mug of hot coffee will soon become a mug of cold coffee. No question. And this is a Good Thing.


Of course you can buy insulated mugs, mugs that are designed to keep your coffee hot, but this is NOT a Good Thing. Apart from anything else they are universally ugly, attempting to do far too many things at once.

Hot coffee getting cold is a fundamentally important part life, it reminds us of our mortality. It reminds us that there are greater things afoot than trying to get Photoshop to save a brush that is too big to save.


That cup of soon tepid liquid on the desk is a glimpse out there into the far reaches of the universe, a brief crack in the space-time continuum, that allows you to experience all existence in a moment. Chaos and entropy are combining right there in front of you. And what do we do? We invent the Thermos Mug with its goddamn sippy top. I ask you.

Posted by john at April 24, 2008 07:03 PM