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November 27, 2008

Símore on drips

When Iím painting I want it to be paint. That is: I donít want to go down the whole Dominique Ingres getting-rid-of-the-brush-strokes road. So I have big brushes and leave big brush marks on my paintings and more often than not drips, runs and splatters. I want to see some of the energy involved.


I think itís also a fear-of-finishing thing. When something is finished it feels just that, finished, over, dead, no more. I like stuff to stay alive. [There are those who would suggest this is to do with my dad dying when I was 17, but how can we tell where these things come from.]

So even when Iím painting dancers white, to dance their white dances in the blue light, I leave a bit unfinished and dripping.


Itís maybe part of an identity thing. This is what Iím doing and this is me doing it. I donít know. All will become clear in time. [or not]

Posted by john at November 27, 2008 03:50 PM