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December 19, 2010


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December 18, 2010

waiting for the water


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December 15, 2010

the inky wall


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sneaking up on drawing

another series of life drawing workshops comes to a close




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December 12, 2010

saws, like lasers

when you cut with a saw you get sawdust. So too, it would appear, when you cut with a laser you get laserdust


[and you can keep it on pallets]

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December 10, 2010

Light cutting steel








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line of lead

this afternoon I go to Powell Engineering in Bradford for to watch light cutting steel. A laser cutting Cor-Ten steel for the Lead Mine project. In the meantime here's some lead:

lead slugs from Walker's Printers

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December 09, 2010

The Tulse Luper Suitcases


another cracking film by Peter Greenaway, or, I should say, one of three cracking films by Peter Greenaway, though I haven't seen the other two as they haven't been released on DVD.

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Hansel und Gretle


pictures from Katrin's grandmother's, signed Lungers Hausen

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December 07, 2010

the hole in the snow


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December 06, 2010

Great relative


found in an old leather suitcase of my father's, an unsually large photograph for the time [400mm x 280mm] and heavily retouched. It could be Great Aunt Annie, or Great Aunt Sybil, or my grandmother Cissie. I suspect the latter.

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December 05, 2010

of chocolate fireguards and snow fireplaces

After lighting the fire on the snow, I began to build up the sides, again the snow wasn't melting at all quickly. I thought of enclosing it igloo-style, but the smoke was too much.

The sides aren't that thick, maybe 15mm, I made the top overhang as much as I could before the smoke got in my eyes, the more I enclosed it the more smoke there was, which was understandable.

Eventually I ran some small holes through the snow-wall, near the bottom, to get an updraught going.





it was extraordinary feeling the freezing snow in my hands and the burning fire on the back of my hands.

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December 04, 2010

Fire & Ice


and now, without the aid of Photoshop or any other proprietary image manipulation software but actually being there and scrunching up snow with my bare hands and placing it in the flames:


the snowball stayed so, in the flames, for several minutes, getting blacked by smoke and not noticeably melting, no hissing, no spluttering, no dripping and no billowing steam, until I pushed it away to avoid eventually putting the fire out. Tricky stuff fire and ice.

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December 02, 2010

Strategic snow clearing


well why not?

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December 01, 2010

the changing seasons



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