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July 30, 2011

Get Fresh meets Burning Man in Dorset




The Event: Gareth Jones' 50th birthday
The Location: Burnbake Campsite, Dorset
The Time: about 23:30

with technical assistance from Jonathan Sanderson
photographs: Katrin Freitag
withies kindly supplied by Wayne Markwort

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July 29, 2011

No3. in the series of specimen plants: BORAGE


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July 28, 2011

first they build a wood henge, but that didn't last, so they built a stone one


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July 17, 2011

camping in Edale


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July 12, 2011

Oh, OK then, one more tractor


But not just any tractor, as you can see it's a David Brown Selectamatic 990. These were made at the David Brown tractor factory in Meltham in the late 60s/early 70s. There was a disused railway line that ran from the factory, with disused sidings, and the tractors would be parked up in lines waiting for export or delivery.

David Brown Tractors at Meltham Mills, photo: Richard Harvey

My friend, Michael Chatterton, used to live on the end of Helm Lane, on the way out of Metham, and at the bottom of the field below his house was this disused railway line full of brand new David Brown tractors. We would go down there at the weekend and clamber over the tractors - they didn't have cabs in those days- and generally play around as small boys are won't to do.

One day we found a tractor with a key still in the ignition. I don't think we dared to turn it, there was a man who used to walk up and down occasionally checking that small boys weren't clambering over the brand new machines.

These were cutting edge, state-of-the-art, agricultural machines, with their [then] massive 4 cylinder 3lt diesel engines with a 16 speed gear box [12 forward and 4 reverse] putting the equivalent of 45 horses on the drawbar.

Note the little rascal at the wheel, taking after her father.

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July 09, 2011

Father & sons


from left to right: JEC JEMC JRC

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July 08, 2011

more mexx


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July 07, 2011

another tractor, sort of


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July 06, 2011

those old Mexx sunglasses again

same wig - different lady

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July 05, 2011

Jaume Plensa at YSP



beautiful serene heads, amongst other things - well worth a visit

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July 04, 2011

in a time when tractors came with two seats...

photo: Richard Coombes

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July 03, 2011

and whilst we're on the whole flying vegetable thing: Kolrabi


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