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September 29, 2003

No News Is Good News?

Didn't get chance to chat with the registrar tonight, but the consultant surgeon wants to have a word on Wednesday instead. Good sign or bad?

Jules on the other hand was out of bed again tonight, and Stu took her down to the cafe. In high spirits, although some of her conversation was a little outspoken shall we say ;-)

Oh, something tickled her, and she laughed tonight, for the first time since the op I believe, HUGE raucous bellowing laughter that had her in tears. Good tears, happy tears, something I've been waiting on for weeks :-D

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More Brainy Links

Some more places with info that's quite interesting:

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September 28, 2003

The Great Escape!

Under cover of bed sheets and dressing gown, one Miss J Page tonight escaped the ward of the Royal Free Hospital. She was seen wheeling toward's the lifts at considerable speed ;-)

More in the extended bit.

Mine's a Smirnoff!
Once out the ward, Jules settled down and shouted her order to her Uncle Laurie, "Mine's a Smirnoff" :-D

Nothing alcoholic for you madame!
But, despite countless complaints, Jules settles for a cool, refreshing bottle of Coke.

Well it wouldn't be Jules without the bird!
Well, it wouldn't be a photoshoot of my better half without the customary "salute" ;-)

Fingers crossed the next time we take some piccies it'll be in Stevenage :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


Brain Function and Pathology

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I'm going to miss it

Getting ready to make the journey down to London to see Jules , listening to Sting - Never Come Home, and the bit with the WHOOOSSH train noise gets me thinking.

I'm going to miss the standing around waiting for a train at Kings Cross. Don't get me wrong, it's frustrating as invariably you just miss a train as you get there. But the announcements make up for it all.

In the old days, you knew what to expect, there was rules on what would and could be said, an unwritten law... "The next train..", "Passengers awaiting the 9 o'clock...." etc... Well, things have changed, and for the better I believe. On several occasions I've heard the announcements take a very different tone:

"For all the passengers waiting on platform 8 for the 21:00 service to Newcastle, you really aren't getting it, are you? I'm not going to announce the departing platform until you're all standing on the concourse area, as instructed."
"For passengers waiting on the next WAGN service, I've no real idea on what's happening, so please keep an eye on the concourse departure boards, and as soon as we know what's going on, we'll let you know."

A human announcer, I just hope he wasn't on his last week, and is still cheering up some of us more relaxed travellers ;-)

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Pop-Ups - ARGHHH!!!

I've been surfing this weekend, adding a few bits and bobs to this and other sites. And it's getting more, and more annoying as my machine, firewalled as it is, grinds to a halt as various places kick off pop-ups. I've gotten close to putting my fist thro' the screen today :X

Oh why can't IE be like this - Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 ?

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September 27, 2003

We're Coming Home!

Went for a little drink last night, so that's the reason for the lack of the usual latenight update. But good news needs a celebration, does it not :-D

Jules is progressing daily now, she seems to be more and more relaxed each day. Even the "slap-ometer" shows a decline in physical abuse ;-)

But more importantly, and fingers crossed time please, is that having discussed things with the registrar it looks promising that Jules will be able to come upto the Lister rehab unit in Stevenage :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

So, fingers crossed everybody, and lets all hope in a week or so she'll be five minutes down the road, and not 2 hours :-D

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September 26, 2003

Addicted To Love

Addicted To Love

There's many things Jules gives me a slap for, and at the moment, just being by her side seems enough ;-)

But there's a video, every once and a while, shown on VH-1 which gets me the look, the slap, and the tv switched off. Sadly, Robert Palmer has gone, but thankfully the music, and that video live on ;-)

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Doctor Who?

"Care for a Jellybaby?"

News that Doctor Who's coming back. I remember as a kid being allowed to stay up and watch, only to have nightmares and never get any sleep. Rewatching on UK Gold it does show it's age, the effects and costumes being terrible in this modern age.

I wonder what the new stuff will be like, and will it be as scary as I remember :-D

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September 25, 2003

Jules' Little Boy

Toby - Jules' little boy
It's 2 years today that we had to let Toby go, suffering from throat cancer. Jules was talking only last night about him, Spitfire the cat, and how messy the house was.

Hard to believe it's been that long ago. It only seems like yesterday we moved into the house, and had the pair of them at each others throats, hissing and barking ;-)

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September 24, 2003

What Absolute Idiots!

Robinsons Barley Water - straight from the bottle!
Jules is out of High Dependency and in a side ward, which should be good news, right?

Well, answer me this (post a comment PLEASE!). Is it, or is it not, a well known fact that Robinsons Barley Water is a drink you dilute with water? Only it appears the numb-skulls that are employed to "care" for my better half either can't read, or have never made a diluted fruit drink of any kind.

Oh, and how many times do you have to point out that a catheter bag has a tap on it that needs to be closed PROPERLY. I know for a fact that Jules really loves sitting in a pool of piss NOT

And finally, it fails me, but if the physio advises she needs pillows in certain positions, does that mean you can leave her in what ever position you want? The speech therapist says, "No straws", because she might choke, but you can let her drink, unsupervised, with one?

I really do give up.... :-X

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Thanks Guys!

Came in the post today, a card from the Agoonoree Gang :-D

Would've been there in person this year, only things didn't work out quite as planned. Will be back in force next year tho'. Both looking forward to it already ;-)

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September 22, 2003


Got a really good bit of news when I got home tonight. Looks like Jules has lost her job.

SHIT :( :-(

I suppose it's been on the cards, she's been off for over 6 months. But you kinda ignore it in the hope it'll go away. I mean, it's not like we've enough to worry about... :-(

BTW No-one's to tell her, and I mean NO ONE :-X

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By heck!

The Yorkshire Rose

The Yorkshire Tourist Board "Oscars" have been announced, and 'Ull is up't there with the best (:-D) having won an award for the fish tank - The Deep.

Full story - Winners announced in tourism 'Oscars'

And for those wondering what's happening back herm, I've added the link to the BBC's Humber News, (and, yes, I know it's East Yorks and North Lincs really ;-))

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Stroke Info

As everyone's asking, and I'm curious, here's a list of places I've found so far:

Stroke Information Sites - Lots of links and info.
The Whole Brain Atlas - lots of amazing MRI/CT scans of the brain!
BUPA - Stroke - symptoms, risk factors and information.
BBCi Health - The Stroke Guide - What are the Effects of a Stroke

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Sacred Love

Sting - Sacred Love
It's arrived, the new Sting album, and what do we think? Well, apart from the fact it's released today, or next week, or 13 Oct (Amazon), it's another Sting song chest. Listening to it at work, a few catchy ones, quite a change from the last one. And a cracking Intercity 125 effect on "Never Coming Home" if you've stereo ;-)

Stu and Lisa are off to see Jules tonight, so I've a night in. Another listen me thinks!

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September 21, 2003

A Sloe Day!

Started the day proper having my face and hands ripped apart picking Sloe's for my Sloe Gin, mmmmm :-D, and finished it off having my face slapped and hands crushed in a hospital.

Why do I do it?

Simple. Both things turn out sweet once you've left them to stew a little ;-)

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September 20, 2003

First Lads Night Out In Ages!

What a corker :-D

Ended up popping over to Stotfold with an old mate, Gareth, and Jules younger brother Chris. A few Amstel, a curry (Cashi Chicken with Mushroom Pilau, mmmmm :-D), and collapse back at Gareth's pad :-D

Feel as rough as old boots this morning tho :-(

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September 19, 2003

Cool Off

After last nights shouting match, a long week learning how the company's new planning tool works, and given I'm as knackered as anything, I've managed another night off. Drinks, curry, the works! Just need to ring round and arrange things.

An afternoon playing with Primavera and then home. The clock's ticking :-D

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September 18, 2003

Oh! One More Thing..

I know from talking to Jonathan that TV ain't what it used to be. But overhearing a conversation on the train about how this guy's company has been commissioned to do a 3rd series for Channel 4 in 2004, I had to flick away at the TV remote once I'd gotten home to find it.

The Salon
Now, what the hell's that all about? What's even more worrying is finding that over 1.2 million have nothing better to do than watch it. OMG :-O

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F&^% off

Jules is finding the physio and hospital life tiring. And it's obviously getting her down. And I'm the one she's taking it out on. Slapping, hitting, swearing, the list of abuse is endless.

So, after being told for the 4th time tonight to "F&^% off", I did.

Not to worry tho', as after a couple of minutes away she'd calmed down, apologised, and explained, "Stressed", giving me a hug, as best she can :-D

What's interesting is that her speech is slowly getting clearer and understandable. And yet the phrases she has said clearly and precisely from day one are:

F&^% off
Shut the F&^% up
Deaf shit

And whilst I remember, she's definately NOT pregnant. She's now only 8 and half stone in weight, so her concern about getting fat has been put to bed too.

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September 17, 2003

The Assessment

Jules had her assessment for the rehab place this afternoon. It looks like they'll leave it at least a week before moving her. She's still on medication and they want to wait until she's off it before moving her out of the Royal Free.

She'll hopefully be off to North West London Hospitals NHS Trust Regional Rehabilitation Unit in the next couple of weeks to start the intensive rehab that she needs.

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A Night Off

I've got my pass-out off Jules last night, so Stu is off down there today in my place. I've got my orders tho', cleaning, washing, and tidying, so no relaxing for me I'm afraid :-(

[Update]Instead, I'll sort out the weblog a bit more, reorganise the links, and add some stuff about rehab. Oh, and stumble across some pics of friends ;-)

Trying to remember Jonathan's old URL, a quick search of Google found it, and this:

The Sanderson, in it's natural habitat, Guiness in hand, of course
The Sanderson, in it's natural habitat, Guiness in hand, of course :-D

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September 16, 2003

Off to Rehab!

Found out tonight that Jules will be getting assessed for transfer to a dedicated stroke rehab centre tomorrow afternoon. If all's okay she'll be moved from the Royal Free as soon as :-D

She's really tired come the evenings still, but the ward sister was saying she's improving daily!

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Ohhh Great

Fortunately Jules Uncle is giving me a lift down tonight. Otherwise I'd be having great fun getting down there...

BBC NEWS UK Faulty points derail train

What's really worrying is the fact it's the same company that is under investigation for the Potters Bar accident, another case of faulty points :-O

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September 15, 2003

Sit Up!

Well, got down there tonight and Jules is sat up, out of bed, in the wheelchair :-D I asked if she was ready for her escape, but just got a slap on the forehead with the comment, "Idiot".

Turns out today's been a big physiotherapy session, quite tiring. Jules was complaining of an aching back, neck and arm. But it's got to be expected, given she's been laying in bed on and off for nearly 3 weeks now. She can also move her left arm, but it's really hurting her neck and shoulder. As we said, work at it and it'll get easier :-D

She's also eating again, the sickness sorted with various antibiotics. But having smelt tonights delights (Purred Cod Mornay :-() I think it won't be long before she's ill again.

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September 14, 2003

Back on Sludge

Jules is off normal mashed food and back on the sludge bags. She's been sick again, so the doc's are keeping her off normal food whilst doing some tests. It's probably an infection, but we'll know more tomorrow. In the meantime the strawberry yoghurts are on hold, and the Coke's back on ice ;-)

Oh, and another outbreak of MRSA in the ward so it's gloves and aprons again :-( No hugs 2nite, but Jules did manage to say, "Love u lots" :-D

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Goon But Not Forgotten

Just busking!
Sorting out more "junk" (I like to think of it as part of the UK's historic archive, Jules has other views on this ;-)) I've come across all my old Goon Show recordings. Playing a few back has me in stitches. Reminds me of the sad loss last year, and the postings on a former Sanderson Inc product, ItLikesYou - Goons gone.

This and Fawlty Towers, the 2 comedy shows that'll have Jules grinning from ear to ear when she's home :-D

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September 13, 2003


Jules has been sick today. Not sure why, guessing it's either something she's eaten or another infection. As she pointed out, sods law and her run of luck, it'll be another infection of some sort.

Also, the weekend staff are a little short, which is making her stay less than appealing. That and the fact they forgot to close off the catheter bag. Suffice to say, I've a LOT of washing to do tomorrow :-(

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Spring Clean

Whilst I know it's Autumn, you never hear of Autumn Cleaning, now, do you!

Sorting out the sites and cleaning up a little, I've drifted off into web-land and found this little comment about the site's host/creator -

Your genial host (no, not me)

Makes me wonder how many more are lurking out there, talked into creating a blog by JJS?

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September 12, 2003

And another thing

Bearing no relevance to Jules , but what is it with people? It's in the extended bit if you want a read ;-)

Tonight several things happened to slow my journey in and out of London. A bomb alert at Kings Cross underground meant a brisk walk to a packed Euston to struggle thro' the crowds and eventually get a tube. Hour and half to do what is normally 3/4 hour. But what tickled me was people's comments:

"They're always closing the tube for no reason",
"Cuh, they could've picked a better time",
"Sorry love, gonna be late home coz the bloody tube's closed..."
"Now, where the hell did I leave my bag....."

I'd have loved to hear their comments had it been true, and, as we all stood on the concourse, a massive explosion had erupted thro' the station. Some people just don't know when they've got it good, do they?

And as for getting home. What's with this Friday rule? Your ticket has to have the exact train journey, time, destination, whatever, on it? Ended up getting the slow train back, which was pleasurable in a way. The express, the one I was chucked off, got stuck behind us as we were late leaving. Of course it'd have been different in the days of a managed rail network, but hey, who am I to moan ;-)

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Don't know what's up this evening, but Jules is one grumpy so-and-so. I'd only been there 10 minutes and already had my marching orders, "Chat about, no, go home please" :-O

Look's like today's been a bad one. Aches and pains, jippy tummy, and Matron refusing to let her have another pudding. Jules didn't even want her Coke, so things must be bad.

Anyho's, it's Friday, it's fish and chips night, and I'm off to eat :-D

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September 11, 2003

Sit Up And Pay Attention

Been up tonight to see Jules myself, feeling much better. Still got an annoying cough, but, hey, what have I to complain about!

Jules is sitting up straight in bed now, and is in full flow. The pen and pad have been binned, and she's talking away, fairly understandably, telling me about the week and what's been happening. She's even had her hair washed, which has made a massive difference to her appearance.

Confusing bit is that she's convinced she's pregnant, or at least has managed to convince the nursing staff. Tests and quite serious chats abound so we'll have to wait and see what the results are. But I'm pretty sure it's more to do with her getting an answer as to whether she can have kids as a result of all the surgery and treatment, rather than actually having a kiddy now.

Otherwise she's feeding herself, drinking Coke like it's going out of fashion, and calling me such endearing things as, "Shit head", and "Deaf Shit" to name but a few :-D

Hopefully in the next couple of days she'll be moved out of High Dependency and into the side wards. Still no idea on when she'll be out, but the physio is progressing well. She's been sat out in a chair, and today was trying to stand up and move about under her own steam. There's still no big movement in the left arm and leg, but the nurses are saying that they've seen more movement as each day passes :-D

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Another Blog!

A Pun, nothing real you understand
Well, the domination of the universe continues....


Feeling much better today, thanks no doubt to my sudden mechanical growth ;-) Jules is feeling better too, ehem. Will see how things have developed when we get up there tonight.

We are blog. You will be trivialised. Journalism is futile.

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September 10, 2003

Sit Up!

Jules has been out of bed and sitting in a chair for a while today. Also the nurse says her left arm and leg are moving ever so slightly. She's also feeding herself, and drinking tea, albet with the thickener "sludge" stuff.

Still talking and staying up all night. And physio is tiring her out.

But what she means by saying, "Pregnant" and slapping her tummy, hmmm, weird?!

My cold's getting better, should be back to the grind tomorrow :-(

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September 9, 2003

Owwhhh Again!

As last time - Owwhhhh - I've come down with a monster cold AGAIN :-(

So, bed, Lemsips, and Strepsils.

Oh, Jules is doing great guns. Been sitting in a chair yesterday, and talking all night with the other patients in the ward. Has about a week left on the antibiotics for the Meningitis. No dates on when she'll be moving onto the normal part of the ward, but things are improving daily. Jules doesn't think the physio is doing anything, but we're all telling her to be more positive.

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September 5, 2003

Bzzzzzz..... SMASH!

Too inquisitive for his own good
Having had the doors and windows open most of the day, doing washing, cleaning, whatever, a number of flies have popped in, as they do.

Well, "someone" thinks this is great, running around like a animal possessed.

I'm waiting for something to fall and break.....

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Jon, just for info, we've lost NTL phones today. Seems the accounts have been "deleted" ;-)

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September 4, 2003

Big Grins

Happy, chirpy, full-of-beans, can't think of what else to describe Jules state tonight. She's loads better now the staff rotation's kicked in. Her speech is improving daily, and she's not used the pen and pad at all today. She's bossing me around, as always, telling me what needs doing at home too :-D

Still no idea on a home date, but the physio's continuing ("Ou-ch"), and the oral therapist has uped her fluid and food to thick drinks and 15 spoons of puried food. Jules is still itching to drink Coke and hot chocolate, even asking me last night to sneak one in when no-one's looking.

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September 3, 2003

Wash Day Blues

All Jules pyjama's are coated in food - how are they feeding her, it looks from the stains they're just throwing it in the general direction of her face?!

Anyho's, they need washing, so Stu's brought them home for a good wash.

She's had the staples out now, and is a little more perky than last night, but "Grumpy" is still looking after her, so Jules is still a little depressed.

I've had the night off, sorting out the house, having a soak, and relaxing from the commuting I've been doing. I'll pop and see her tomorrow night.

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September 2, 2003


Jules is a bit depressed. The nurse looking after her is "grumpy", she has a canular in her right hand which hurts, and hospital food is "windy pop's".

I think things are getting to her. It's been nearly 2 weeks since the op and she's not home yet. It's gonna be a long while yet, as the therapy needs time to kick in.

"Go home today please" was what she told me :-(

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September 1, 2003

Give Me, Ugh, SUGAR!

J20 Apple & Melon
Well, it turns out today's been a hard one, lots of therapy, so Jules was a little wacked when I got there tonight. But more seriously, although yesterday "Sexy Pat" said it was probably okay for her to start enjoying the fruiter side of oral refreshment, the therapist has slapped down complete drinking ban :-O

So, no Coca-Cola, Apple juice, or Apple & Melon J2O

"Bugger" were her exact words, shortly followed by, "Shhh, socks, slippers, dressing gown... PUB!"

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