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February 29, 2004

Snow Again!

Woke up this morning to discover we'd had a dusting of snow overnight. It was all gone by lunchtime. Jules saw it from the comfort of her warm room when she got up for breakfast.

Couple of pics of the snow in the extended bit ;-)

The view down the street, but not as much as the Great Snow of 2003 ;-)

Bit of a job this morning clearing the snow off the cars ;-)

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February 28, 2004

Cold Day

Feeling rough after last night out in Stotfold. Did a large amount of work on VB scripts, sad I know, but should've kept off the Laphroiag. I'm feeling it today, urgh :-D

Lyn & Laurie popped over to see Jules tonight, and then took me and Janet out for a chinese. We'd have gone for a curry only it was freeeeezing and the chinese is right next to where we parked ;-)
Jules seemed to have improved again, and Laurie said he's noticed a difference from last week. Most of the treatment is with her now, so it does look like it's having some sort of effect.

A few pics in the extended bit...

Proof of our hard work last night. On the left, a curry house menu. On the right, sheets and sheets of VB script. Ohh the suffering I put myself thro' for the job, cough ;-)

Pic of Jules
Jules, cleaning her teeth, something she's started to insist on doing every night. Of course, I've been instructed to go and buy her an electric one, since she's told me it's hard enough using a manual one ;-)

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February 27, 2004


It surprised me just how many people are reading this. You kinda forget just who knows and who's found out. The other day some friends of Jules popped by to see her and it was extremely spooky the way they knew about everything, coz I'd forgotten I'm typing in everything just about here ;-)

Also, and this was the BIG surprise of today, I got given a VERY NICE bottle of Glenmorangie from one of my work colleague's. A very select Port Wood finish one, which I've buddled in the car for post-hostelry enjoyment tonight ;-) Cheers Jon :-D

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February 26, 2004


Walked into Jules ' room tonight to find her lounging around in bed, drink in hand, without a care in the world :-D

To see what I mean, have a look in the extended bit...

Jules relaxing watching telly. She'd somehow managed to turn herself around in bed, a good sign that she's trying hard to move more. But a painful one as she'd managed to wedge herself between the bed sides :-O

She was dead determined to try and do things herself tonight, even asking to help get her out of bed and into a chair like we'd managed the other day.

In other news, Ivan Noble's back from hospital, as it says in his latest installment on the BBC site:

BBC NEWS Health Tumour diary Back home

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February 25, 2004

More Snow!

Woke up this morning to snow again. Not nearly as much as before, and a lot harder to clear as it had started to freeze. Bitterly cold too, brrrrgghhh :-(

Jules hadn't seen it when I popped in as it had all but melted by early morning.

More snow, and heavier downfall than last time :-O

If it wasn't melting I'd have said someone had sprayed the car with funny foam ;-)

The rest of the fleet looking cold and sorry for themselves.

Better start clearing it off the car otherwise I ain't ever getting into work :-O

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February 24, 2004

Coming Down

I'm definately not right, having again spent the day with matchsticks in my eyes, despite the comments of nothing changes ;-)

Popped in to see Jules briefly as I was soon asleep in the chair, and she's feeling very tired too. The treatment has arrived at last so we dropped that in too.

Off to bed now before I bang my head on the keyboard ;-)

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February 23, 2004


I don't know what's hitting me, but I'm so glad tonight's the night off. I'm off to bed after a relaxing bath, having spent most of today at work nodding off. Of course, those of you at work will no doubt comment on the fact that today was no different to any other day, and not catching me dozing would be a turn up for the books ;-)

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February 22, 2004

Lazy Sunday

Mum took me shopping, so the fridge is full a day early this time round. We then popped up to the Hospice with Shiela's chocolate cake to pose the question to Jules:

"Alan or Cake?"

I'm not saying what the answer was, but have a peek in the extended bit for all the pics ;-)

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February 21, 2004

Visiting Relatives

My aunt and uncle, Shiela and Andy, came up for a very belated Christmas present giving. And whilst here they popped in to see Jules , having not had chance before Christmas.

Also, Mum came down for the weekend to see them too, it being a half way point. And also to pop and see Jules in her new environment, having had PC problems stop her last time they were down.

Me? Well, having now just recovered from last night, I'm off to bed ;-)

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February 20, 2004

Good News for Ivan

Ivan NobleAs I've posted in the past, BBC News Online science and technology writer Ivan Noble has been writing about his recovery after being diagnosed as having a brain tumour. Well, he's successfully pulled thro' a third operation and it would seem things are looking up for him :-D:

BBC NEWS Health Tumour diary After surgery

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February 19, 2004

Night Off

Janet's got a final uni report to get in tomorrow, and I've had a late one at work discussing this and that which then ran onto a pint down the snooker club.

I'm now slowly working my way down my brother's birthday present, a bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniels, and think it's about time I went to sleep before I get any further ;-)

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February 18, 2004

New Brain Scan Method

Some interesting developments with brain scans:

BBC NEWS Health Scan may boost brain cancer care

Other news: Jules okay, seemingly tired, but eating and laughing all the same :-D

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February 17, 2004

Hip To Be Square

Stuart and Janet popped over with me tonight, and as always Stu had his cap on. And before long it was on someone else's head ;-)

Jules was really chirpy again tonight, really happy and laughing with Stu as he messed about with the baseball cap.

Pics in the extended bit... ;-)

Jules looking decidely unhip, but having a laugh none the less :-D

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February 16, 2004


Not visiting on Monday's means I'm now doing my shopping instead. This, of course, annoy's my brother no end when he visits as there's never anything in the fridge.

Well Ian, the fridge is full once more, so get your arse down sharpish before it's all gone ;-)

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February 15, 2004

Sleepy Day

After the late night and pizza's Jules has been a sleepy head today. The treatment is running out and Stu's having trouble getting more ordered, so that could be another reason for her sleepy nature.

We'll know later in the week when it's delivered and Jules can start back on it again.

Pics of the Valentines dec's in Jules room...

Balloons with our names on :-D

Mystery bear, I can't remember who sent it, so sorry for forgetting ;-)

More balloons on the window ledge too :-D

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February 14, 2004


Got a text off a friend wishing me a happy valentines, but no cards in the post :-(

Off to spend the night over at the Hospice with my Valentine. I've got my instructions from last night, pizza and video, so I'm just off to sort that all out before I go over.

Pics, news, etc... tomorrow as I'll be away tonight ;-)

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February 13, 2004

So What's This Treatment All About?

As promised a list of the herbal suppliments and B17 stuff that Jules is taking.

Also some links and places on the web that explain what it is, does, and possibly could do.

All in the extended bit ;-)

All part of the treatment regime put together by Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP at the Chiron Clinic, 121 Harley Street, London.
Chiron Clinic
Chiron Clinic Online
Cancer - Information and Treatment
Shittake Mushrooms

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February 12, 2004

Speak Proper

At last a website is being set up to promugate the Queens English, as it should be spoken.

BBC NEWS England West Yorkshire Dialect archive put on t'internet

Nowt wrong wi' that :-D

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February 11, 2004

Birthday Girl

It's Laura's birthday today, so we all popped over to see Jules before going out for tea.

As an aside I've been searching up on the treatments Jules is taking as part of the B17 regime, so I'll be posting up the details, info, etc... over the weekend. I'ts pretty amazing stuff, all full of energy and nutrients, so it's pretty obvious as to why Jules is perky these days. Coupled with the environment she's a load more happy than before, which is great :-D :-D

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February 10, 2004

I'm Back!

Ahh, home again :-D

Jules was quite perky tonight, and big smiles when I walked in :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Off to bed, had me bath and ready for some zeds ;-)

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At Last!

The PC's been stable for most of the day now so I'm hitting the road and heading back to Stevenage asap before I get caught up ;-)

Should be back in time for tea, popping in to see Jules , then home for a nice hot bath :-D :-D

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February 9, 2004


Still sorting my Mum's work PC out. A bit easier now that ADSL has been installed, since the updates for all the software whiz down the line faster than the blink of an eye. But it's a bit disconcerting when the PC keeps coming up with the news that the modem ain't there no more :-O

Ohhh the joys of Microsoft :-( :-( :-(

Off to visit a breakers yard in a few minutes to get some time out from all this, then it's back to Nige's cottage for some R&R. Can see tomorrow isn't going to be back in Stevenage after all :-(

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February 8, 2004

A Day of Rest

A long lie in and then off to work to try and finish sorting the PC. And yeap, not having any of it. So off to Nige's for tea and some drinkies.

The aftermath of last night can be viewed in the extended bit...

Ian, waiting for food ;-)

Nige, all cool looking, with his sid-es ;-)

Kev never managed to recover from his day at work all night :-O

Me, hungry and ready for food ;-)

Nige and Geoff, my Mum's boyfriend, waiting at the bar for beers :-D

Side view of Nige's sid-es ;-)

Mother and son, happy together ;-)

Mother and other son, not so happy together ;-)

The bruv's keeping an eye on things ;-)

A view of the fallout towards the end of the night...;-)

Later in Hockneys on the dancefloor, mother and son happy once more ;-)

The bruv's looking mean and puzzled ;-)

Mum, well on her way to being sloshed ;-)

All in all a good night, great chance to catch up with people I've not seen for a while, and let everyone know how Jules is doing. Hope you're reading it now :-D

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February 7, 2004

New PC Troubles

So, the main reason for coming up was to sort the works PC out. And sort it I have. Not 100% but the software is on bar the updates, which we'll do on Monday with the ADSL installed.

Off back to Mum's to prepare for the night on the town, a chance to unwind and catch up with everyone. I'll post up pics tomorrow when we pop back into work ;-)

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February 6, 2004

Homeward Bound

I'm off up North for a weekend fixing PC's, drinking with my brothers, and sampling some of the fine whiskeys on sale at Nige's local pub.

Shame that I decided to upload some project files today. I mean't to leave at 2pm, and I'm just finishing now :-(

Ah well, as Ian says, it'd be a record breaker if I got up to Hull before 9pm on a Friday ;-)

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Chinese Whine

Spent last night over in Sandy sampling some rather fine wines with friends from work. Bit worse for wear getting home last night.

Nick got a pic of me, in the extended bit...

Having run for the last train I slowly dissolve in front of the camera. I really need to get some exercise, I am sooo unfit :-O

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February 5, 2004

Bad News!

Ivan Noble
As I've posted in the past, BBC News Online science and technology writer Ivan Noble has been writing about his recovery after being diagnosed as having a brain tumour. Unfortunately, from his latest posting, it seems things aren't going the right way:

BBC NEWS Health Tumour diary A major setback

Our thoughts are with him and the family, fingers crossed the next op works out well ;-)

And in other news...

Apparently it's okay for Jules to slap me, it doesn't hurt that much, well, at least according to the latest medical research:

BBC NEWS Health Pain from a woman will hurt less

Don't mention this to Jules when you next see her, I won't feel the end of it ;-)

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February 4, 2004


Popped up to see Jules after my trip with a little gift. And she was able to explain exactly what it was, and where it was from :-D

Janet told me she's really talking a load more than before, which is really encouraging. And her left leg is moving lots too. Good news, but difficult to determine if it's the environment and staff, or the B17 treatment.

Pics in the extended bit...

Looking not too bothered to see me, Jules awake and full of beans :-D

She's having her bad days and good, and can get quite tired some nights, as the photo's showing. Which I didn't mind, as I'm still shatttered from the trip. Oh, and she liked the t-shirt, even explaining where it was from and reading out the name on the front of it :-D

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February 3, 2004

Rome In A Day

Just got back from Rome in the last few minutes, delays and baggage problems mean't the 20:20 arrival didn't until 21:05, then took over 30 minutes before baggage was cleared. Then ages to get over to the car park and an hour and a bits drive home.

I'm shattered :-(

Few pics and things in the extended bit...
Back! YAWN

Me ticket, and some afternoon tea. The meals and plane journey where out of this world. Bit of a delay coming back, stuck in Heathrow for nearly an hour waiting for the baggage to be cleared off the plane.

A little pressie for Jules , hope she likes it ;-)

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February 2, 2004

Off Again!

Off yet again with work, this time to romantic Rome. So no postings until late tomorrow night.

Jules is okay, nothing to report, as today's our "day off" at the Hospice.

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February 1, 2004

Happy Birthday 2 Me

Back down the Hospice this afternoon for a bit of a party. Took in a few things for Jules, including a Curdcake, which went immediately, and some homemade chutney for her cheese on toast.

Pics in the extended bit...

Jules getting stuck into a bottle of Baileys Glide, with a little encouragement from "Delboy" :-D

Me getting my birthday :-D :-D :-D :-D

Tony recounted a funny joke, and Jules just couldn't stop laughing :-D

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Having A Bath

Just popped home after last night, to drop off the bedding, and pick up stuff to take over there today. Jules is having a bath as I type, and I think I might well go and have one too :-D

Pics from yesterday and this morning in the extended bit...

Jules enjoying breakfast and struggling to stay awake :-D The staff left us to lie in until around 11am, which went down well with Sleepy Head ;-)

Breakfast finished, and Jules is out for the count ;-)

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