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March 31, 2004

Update On Jules

It's been a while since I've written about Jules and how she is in a bit more detail, so here's some news.

Her right eye has calmed down a bit after a week of irritation. Something must've gotten in there as it was quite red and sore, and Jules was itching it to the point of pulling her eyelid. A patch and lotion seemed to have helped, and they're continuing with it this week.

Overall, Jules seems to be okay still. Memory is still very variable, with short term things not staying lodged in the grey cells for very long. But long term stuff is still there, she can still remember her car registration, National Insurance number, and even her bankcard PIN ;-) The worrying change, more for Jules , is that her left eyesight is deterioating. It's becoming really tunnel vision now, and things are appearing offset from where they really are :-(

On the plus side, the swelling and headaches are gone. The codine and steroids seem to be controlling this for now :-D

All in all the combination of everything she's taking, along with the environment she's being cared in, is definately slowing things down. But, and this is the BIG but, I don't think it's stopped in its tracks :-(

How many days left? Don't know, and no-one will commit to that one. So take each day as it comes, and do it all now. Don't put off today what you can't do tomorrow.

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March 30, 2004

More News from The BBC

Ivan Noble
Ivan's had a break away from it all, and is writing about his reactions and change in character.

It's interesting as I've noticed Jules change in character as the weeks and months pass. The difficulty, as I mentioned last time, is that Jules struggles getting across her true feelings. She looses patience with trying to say something if it's not immediately understood. And her tiredness is making her more and more frustrated when trying to explain to you what she's feeling or thinking. "Don't know" is a fairly standard response late in the day, along with "Piss Off" and other more strongly worded comment when pushed to explain what she means.

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Where Did The Evening Go?

Yesterday's course finished early so I was back in Stevenage for around 6pm. Popped over to ASDA for the weekly shop, then home as it's Monday off for visiting. Unpacked the shopping, had a bath, and then a lay down for five minutes and.......... woke up this morning :-O So just under 12 hours sleep, and I feel great today :-D

Thank goodness Primavera are supplying breakfast every day, otherwise I'd be starvin' by now ;-)

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March 29, 2004

Back to work - urghh!

Back into the swing of things again, and yes, the weekend's aren't long enough.

Currently sat down at the Primavera offices being trained up on the latest release of P3e. Not a bad journey into London this morning, but we'll see what the journey back is like ;-)

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March 28, 2004

Home Again!

Back from Hull, having raced home with Gareth at national speeds, honest ;-)

Popped up to the Hospice on the way home. Jules was in a tired state when I got over there Hospice, but still had enough energy for a cuddle :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Couple of pics in the extended bit...

Her right eye's been playing up so they've put a patch over it and are giving her some eye cream to try and calm down the irritation. She's determined to clean her teeth every night too, and not too keen to hand over the tooth brush until it's all done and dusted.

Nearly finished :-D

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Big Night Out

A mate from work has come up with me this weekend to sample the sights and sounds of Hull ;-)

Went around Beverley Road first, having one in every pub, before grabbing a bus into town and going round one or two places there.

Pics in the extended bit...

Before we went out we went for a quick pint in the village pub in Sutton. I've not been up there in ages, and was wondering if Riding was still available. Mmmmmm :-D

Back at the house, everyone had arrived, and Mum's Taxi's took us the short trip out on to Beverley Road :-D

Ian had bought some moustaches, and insisted we all wear them.


Some of us looked okay in them, some of us just looked Kev ;-)

Would you buy a used car from this man? ;-)

"Can I come and repair your appliance, please, Madame..." ;-)

Soon things were spinning out of control :-D

Nigel had lost the glasses by now, along with most of his marbles ;-)

Nigel with a family friend, Emma Denman, who I've not seen for years and years. It was great catching up, and sorting out popping round next time I'm in Hull

Ian, using some rather unorthodox methods of hailing a taxi ;-)

Nigel, going all Braveheart and making a bid for freedom ;-)

Leaving things be before anyone saw him messing around in the skips... ;-)

Having gone back to Nigel's, it was time.... :-O

Soon the scary stories were being told :-O

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March 27, 2004

Quiet Night In South Dalton

Arrived at Nigel's about 7pm last night, then hit Beverley for a curry, then back to the local, the Pipe and Glass Inn

Didn't acheive our objective of emptying another of the luxury whiskeys during happy hour, but did get a good way down it ;-)

Pics in the extended bit once my Bluetooth decides to work...

Da Boyz in Da Pub - Nigel's local didn't know what had hit it :-D

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March 26, 2004

Off North

Just finished packing, and off up North for a break, sort out Mum's PC problems, and have a couple of beers with me bruv's ;-)

Managed to get off from work early, so might even get there before 10pm :-O

I also need to get my hair cut, what do you think ?...

It ain't been this long in ages :-O

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March 25, 2004


Had a cracking, but long day away in Calais with Janet, Chris, and friends from work (Sy, The Don, and The Don's Family ;-))

Pics will be forthcoming, but as I can't seem to get the Bluetooth to play ball, and it's getting waaaaay late, I'm off to bed. Keep an eye out in a couple of days ;-)
[UPDATE] Pics now here!!

Janet, after a few glasses of wine, enjoying the ambience ;-)

And me, suitably worse for wear, having enjoyed what was the best meal in a loooong time :-D

My pud, a caramelised pineapple with grapes and ice cream, yummy :-D

The Don, a regular on the trips, trying hard not to fall asleep ;-)

Too late :-D

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March 24, 2004

Tinned Ham

All of us on the Deletetheweb community have been suffering recently from a bout of spam. It comes and goes, but this last one has been a little more persistant. On Jules Weblog it's been targeting What A Great Time! for some reason. You can read the edited comments, with appropriate amendments if you so wish ;-)

Pics from tonight in the extended bit...

Eyes wide open, Jules concentrating hard on taking her medicine :-D

Hopefully the spam will stop for now, there's enough to worry about without that lot clogging things up.

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March 23, 2004


Jules seemed distant tonight, as if she was away off somewhere.

The headaches seem to have calmed down, and the nurses were saying she's not been complaining since going onto the higher steroid dosage and codine.

Pics in the extended bit...

Finger at the ready, but still not really saying or doing much. What was on her mind I don't know, but she just seemd to be looking off into the distance :-(

Giving her a tickle brought some reaction back. See the shock and surprise as Jules slaps me, and I slap her back :-D

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March 22, 2004

Busy Times Ahead

Sorting out my diary for the coming weeks as it's "No Visits" day, and I've lots to be keeping me busy ;-)

This week is further training, Calasis Thursday, then off to Hull the end of the week for relaxation and sorting out things for Mum. Next week is 4 days off site training in London, then a day back in the office to do 5 days work in 1 day. And then it's Easter, and I need to sort out what everyone's doing then too, and maybe see if we can arrange for Jules to have a day visit home :-D

Busy days indeed ;-)

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March 21, 2004

Back Home (Not The Plan!)

Ended up not drinking as much as I thought I would last night, so at 3am this morning I drove home to our nice, warm, large bed ;-)

Weather's spoilt the plans for the day, we'd hoped to get Jules out into the gardens but it's been bucketing down since lunchtime. In fact, it really started to rain shortly after Sy picked me up to help him sort his collapsing fence.

Jules was quite chatty and lively today, making up for her marathon visiting schedule yesterday. She's eating like a horse too, having guzzled down a full custard pudding, and a sticky toffee steamed pud too. AND she wanted more after that as well :-O The extra steroids for the swelling will be causing the increase in appetite, so the nursing staff are keeping an eye on her eating habits, other wise she'll balloon out of control ;-)

I can stick my tongue out further than you :-D

Even tho' I was told to go home I did manage to get a bit of a cuddle, and was soon asleep myself :-D

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March 20, 2004


After a long string of visitors Jules wasn't really up for a curry and late night, so I popped in just to say hello. Tony and Jenny, a few of her friends from school, family, and then me. So I was told in not too many words to pack it in and bugger off ;-)

"Go Mum's and drink" was my instructions for the night, so that's what I'm off to do :-D

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What Happened There?

Popped down the Old Town for a beer on the way home, and find myself back at work this morning having had a night out and curry in Stotfold. Not that I'm complaining, but where did the evening go :-O

Jules was really tired last night so I didn't go over since she'd hit the sack by around 7pm. The codine is knocking her for six, but it looks like the swelling has slowed down, so the pain killers might not be as necessary as earlier in the week.

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March 19, 2004

Facing Up To It All

Ivan Noble, coming to terms with it
The internet is a brilliant thing. You can find out so much about everything. And you can get across to so many people. It's when reading Ivan Noble's postings on the BBC site that I sometimes wish that things hadn't turned out the way they have. Then Jules could've posted her own thoughts up here so that maybe this weblog would've been more of an insight into her thoughts, worries, and outlook.

In other news today, an announcement from the National Audit Office about cancer treatment:

BBC NEWS Health Wide variation in cancer services

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March 18, 2004


The test is finished and off in the USA now awaiting marking. All going well we should get our results back early next week.

Jules had a couple of visitors tonight, Chris and Dan from college. They both commented on how well Jules looks, having not seen her since she'd moved from Lister.

Noticable tonight was how bad Jules memory has got. She doesn't seem to remember much from the last 2 or 3 years, but anything before that is crystal. She can't necessarily remember who's visited, but if you borrowed money, owe her a drink, or ask her about events 3 years or more ago it's as if it was yesterday.

They've also started her on a drug to slow down and hopefully stop involuntary shaking, similar to this time last year when she was first diagnosed. We'll know in the next few days the effects it has. Fingers crossed ;-)

Couple of pics in the extended bit...

Her headaches were getting bad today, so an icepack was called for, and it seemed to do the trick ;-)

Not the right finger, but you get the message. It seemed to calm her down, and cheered her up. Coupled with the codine, it soon knocked her out and she was away for the night :-D

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March 17, 2004

It's Arrived!

The big 50 question test arrived at 11am EST, or about 4pm UK time. Have gone through it twice now, and will revisit it tomorrow morning before emailing it back - fingers crossed :-D

Jules seemed a little tired again tonight. The nurses have started giving her regular pain killers as the headache she's been suffering doesn't seem to shift as quickly. Also they're moving her onto a higher dosage of anti-swelling drugs, which should reduce any pressure that the tumour is bringing to bear on her head. A side effect of this is an increase in her appettite - something I can't see increasing any more when you see the amounts she's packing away on Friday and Saturday's takeaway nights :-O They've also decided to stop sitting her out for long periods as her ability to sit straight upright has been noticably worse over the last few days, culminating in her nearly falling side ways in the bath yesterday. The physio is looking into an alternative wheelchair, more an armchair style, with additional padding around the sides. In the meantime it's best that she only sits out when someone's around to keep an eye on her, which means weekends as she's really washed out come the evening during the week.

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March 16, 2004

It's Tomorrow!

Just realised it's the Primavera Certified Trainer 50 question test tomorrow. The last step on the road to becoming a fully qualified Primavera P3e trainer :-D

Jules seemed happy with that tonight, don't know if it was the thought of me having to do another exam, or the thought of spending all the money that it'll earn me :-D She even seemed keen on the idea of grabbing a taxi over to Stevenage to do some clothes shopping at the new Asda now that her incapacity benefit from last year has finally come through.

Oh, and before I forget, a few of you have pointed out that the job link ain't there anymore as it's been filled. Well, I've got a copy which I'll post a link to eventually. Wonder who's got the job? ;-)

Pic in the extended bit...

Jules , smiling as she has been doing the last few weeks. She's on Codine fulltime now as the headaches are causing her discomfort. And they're looking at changing the catheter to a more permanent type. She was also seeing things tonight, a sign that her eyesight in the left eye's starting to play up a little. But none of it seems to have hit her spirits yet :-D

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March 15, 2004

Sunday Recovery

Spent today recovering from last night. Drink, food, and lack of sleep combining to give a really bad head this morning. But Chris's girlfriend, Yuen, was on hand with Chris to cook up a corking full english - THE hangover cure of course :-D

Popped over to see Jules with everyone whilst dinner was being cooked. And then home to crash, ready for a return to the daily grind :-( Weekend's just ain't long enough.

Pics of last nights fun in the extended bit...

Laura, er, well, er, don't ask... :-~

Lisa, Stu's better half, smiling. The wedding's only a year and a bit away now Stu ;-)

Laura, er, well, er, still not EXACTLY sure... :-~

Me, unsurprisingly, looking worse for wear and being the other side of the lense yet again :-D

Chris, well on his way to being drunk as a skunk ;-)

Chris's girlfriend, Yuen, not too sure if meeting the family was such a good idea ;-)

Well, what else are you supposed to do with a dessert spoon? :-D

Hmm, yes, a lemon... :-~

Janet, suitably merry, enjoying the night and celebrating her achievement :-D

Whoops! :-O Not saying who did it, but they should know better.

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March 14, 2004

Just Bumming

Spent the day lazying around, doing the house cleaning thing, bit of tidying up in the garden and on the car. The usual stuff. Quite nice actually, having had a few recent weekends running around, to work, shops, hospice, with lots of people around too.

Quiet, peaceful, in fact I reckon the ol' batteries have charged right up :-D

Off to see Jules in a few minutes, then it's out for drinks and food to celebrate Janet's passing her exams and getting a full-time job now that she's finally qualified. So no postings until VERY LATE tomorrow me thinks ;-)

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March 13, 2004

All Up To Date

Pics pubished, entries turned from draft to publish, everything is there to read once more :-D Probably bext reading the archives for February and March, links on the right hand side.

Off to see Jules this afternoon then it's out to celebrate Janet's graduation and getting a proper job. Hopefully the weather'll stay nice and we can get out for a breath of fresh air :-D

Debbie, or Dennis as Jules put it, popped by to see Jules . And she commented on how well she's looking, seemingly more happy and making more of an effort.

We'd arrived just as dinner was arriving, so we watched as Jules tucked into a fav evening meal - Cheese Omelette :-p

Lightning fast, even with the temptation of a chocolate pudding, the finger appears like a bolt from the blue ;-)

And even when she can't stick her finger up, there's something that will do it for her :-D

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March 12, 2004

Not Staying After All

Went up to the Hospice all prepared to stay over, and was told, "Go home" :-(

Had a cracking curry again from the local curry house, and stayed until 11pm chatting. Don't know why I was told to go, but the nursing staff did say Jules was a little edgy today, little things being embarassing for her. See how she is tomorrow.

We also had a fair old dollop of snow this morning too, pics in the extended bit...

The view down the street.

The cars, covered once again.

Things looking decidely frozen for a mid-March :-O

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March 11, 2004

What's New Pussy Cat!

After last nights discussions I decided to bundle the cat in the back of the car and pop over tonight and surprise Jules :-D And what a surprise :-D :-D :-D

Pics in the extended bit ;-)

Surprise :-D Spitfire visits, seeing Jules for the first time in many months :-D

Once out the box he soon settled in cuddling Jules .

He seemed very content lying on the bed beside Jules , purring away ;-)

And it wasn't long before he was demanding some attention from "Mum" :-D

Whilst we all grabbed a drink he popped over to the window ledge to see what he could see, and soon fell asleep.


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March 10, 2004

Long Time

It's been a hectic few weeks, what with colds, sore throats, work, and keeping up the visits I've lost track of when I last updated the weblog. But have no fear, come back in a couple of days and it'll be full of posts. A few are already hidden in the wings, in draft, I'm just waiting on Orange to sort out their GPRS coverage, and also find out why my Bluetooth has suddenly lost its reliability.

Jules is doing well, after a quiet weekend. She didn't seem herself on Saturday when Dave and Michele popped by. But their delightful little bundle of joy, Niamh (Neeve) was soon laughing and giggling, much to Jules amusement :-D She hasn't stopped talking about it :-D, and managed to convince the staff yesterday that she's having a baby :-O

Last night saw Jules back to how she's been of late, cheeky, full of beans, and really chatty. We're having postal votes here in June and a signature is required. And like with everything else she insisted on reading it before signing, not trusting me that I'm not letting her sign her life away :-O "X marks the spot" was the comment passed as she put pen to paper.

Work wise I'm rushed off my feet as we start to push people thro' the training and use of the new software tool. Many people have asked about what I do, and the nature of the job and industry does limit what you can and can't explain. So it's with great news that I can point you here. It's my job, nearly. Which, I suppose, should be worrying. Except I'm registered with the agency, and they should've passed my details on. Which could prove interesting in the weeks to come ;-)

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March 9, 2004


After the weekend Jules had seemed to be really quiet and not herself. Worry that perhaps things are deterioating. But the rest of the treatment that arrived on Friday is now underway once more, and tonight she seemed sooo much more her old self.

Pic in the extended bit...;-)

Big smiles all round, something lacking over the weekend, but back with a vengance tonight :-D

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March 8, 2004

Quiet Night In

After all the rushing around over the weekend it's nice to come home, sort out the house and crash out. Monday's are becoming a really good time for batteries to be recharged, emails and weblog to be sorted, and a nice whiskey to be enjoyed ;-)

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March 7, 2004

Just Not Herself

Jules seemed really quiet and not really herself again today. Distant I suppose is the best description.

We watched Bugs Life again and that seemed to cheer her up a little. But she still seemed to have things bothering her.

Pic in the extended bit...

Jules , last night, Bailey's in hand, tucking into another Indian feast :-D

And tonight, Jules , no gesture, no smile, just not quite right :-(

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March 6, 2004

Curry Night

Saturday nights in, staying over, and getting a curry - it's becoming a regular thing now :-D

And since Maria pointed out the curry house just round the corner it's even easier getting a curry. Which reminds me, it'll be ready now so I'd better go and pick it up ;-)

Pics from Friday in the extended bit...

Jules , on Friday, looking very happy and pleased with herself. :-D

Even managed a smile without the finger :-O

Me, shortly before I fell into a drunken sleep ;-)

And the aforementioned drunken sleep ;-)

Saturday afternoon, Dave & Michele popped by with their little bundle of joy, Niamh. Niamh found knocking the box of choc's off the table very funny, and Dave did point out this would bode well for her in the future, no doubt smashing the house up and laughing :-O

Jules had a whale of a time, and wouldn't stop talking about Naimh after they'd gone. We even popped outside to wave goodbye, then ran straight back in as it was freezing :-O

A pic of the pair of us and Niamh, courtesy of Mr Hughes, another budding David Bailey ;-)

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March 5, 2004

Out Once Again

Popping over to the Hospice with Chris and Janet tonight to drop off the latest delivery of treatment. Then Chris is accompanying me over to Stotfold for a few jars with Gareth, and no doubt some meaningful discussion about computer coding - NOT ;-)

Better get going before anyone notices I'm still at work this late on a Friday :-O

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March 4, 2004

Nearly The Weekend

It's nearly the weekend, plans already underway to go out for a drink :-D

Jules was full of beans again tonight, being cheeky, chatty, and violent. I wish she'd stop the slapping, although I've started to slap her back, which was enough of a shock tonight for her to use a few choice words ;-)

Jules , cheeky as ever, deciding against the normal finger salute, and instead sticking out the tongue ;-)

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March 3, 2004

Wine, Cheer & Song!

Just finished seeing Jules tonight, Sy popped along with us, having been to a Wine Society wine tasting straight from work. Lots of very nice drinks, and some interesting advice on how to taste and enjoy wines properly. I even found some white wines I would consider drinking instead of red ;-)

Jules was really chirpy, having a good chat with Sy, me and Janet. Sy did say he was very impressed with her change in mood compared to when he'd last seen her at the Lister :-D

And finally, today was my first proper day training, having left Phil in the lurch yesterday by walking out to a meeting half way thro explaining what a WBS was and how the EPS in P3e reflects this. And you'd only understand how bad that is if you work here ;-)

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March 2, 2004

The First Of Many

We started training today, taking the first victims through the process of how to use P3e at work. I didn't spend much time there, having to jump out for other meetings, but Phil seemed to think all went well. It's quite a new way of thinking, and a new process of doing things, so it's a lot to get through in 2 days. I've already been earmarked for a full half day session tomorrow, so that'll be fun ;-)

Jules was really chatty again, having had a day off from all the visitors yesterday. We should be getting the remaining treatment by the end of the week, so hopefully we'll see more change for the good :-D

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March 1, 2004


Monday nights off are becoming a real god-send. I've been able to spend more time over the Hospice at weekends, stay the night just about every weekend too. And then spend tonight sorting out everything I'd be rushing around to do at the weekend.

So, hot bath, chilli con carne, and bed. Might even be asleep before 9pm ;-)

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