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May 10, 2005

altered states

So, just as Robert said [below] Ė make yourself perfect then paint naturally.

Painting is a thing of the moment, dependant on mood. Painting isnít nine-to-five-go-home-and forget-it. Painting is something that gets worked up inside me. Gnawing away. Unsettling, unsatisfied, unfullfillable. It ainít easy.

There are no maps, no routes marked out, to get you to the end of a painting. Oh, okay Ė if Iím doing a portrait weíre looking for a likeness, yes. But there still needs to be that something else. The essence.

Drawingís the same. Making marks on paper. I have to sneak up on drawing. If I think about it itís crap. I have to fuck with my mind to get into a state where something starts working. I donít know what it is. I know when itís happening sometimes. I can see it afterwards if Iíve got there. But setting out, with the blank paper and stick of charcoal is like leaving Spain with most people thinking youíre gonna fall off the edge of the world.

[okay well maybe not quite like that, but you get the ideaÖ]


Some would say itís a case of relaxing, some would say itís letting go. I donít know what it is exactly. Except that it happens sometimes. And not others.

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