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August 24, 2005

not blowing eggs

I don’t blow eggs. I have blown eggs, don’t get me wrong, and there’s nothing better for making you dizzy, short of trying to inflate a hot water bottle with your lungs.

I do many things, as might be apparent to regular readers of these diaries. It’s good to do a lot of different things, it's good not to narrow your outlook and specialise - look what happened to the dinosaurs. [okay okay, before you all start e-mailing me I know the dinosaurs were wiped out by a virulent strain of Bird Flu] [that was obviously just before the giant meteor hit the Yucatan peninsular and created The Caribbean, Pirates and Package Holidays.] [enough in parentheses Ed.]

But, when doing a lot of things, there is a danger of not doing them all terribly well – the Jack of all trades, master of none syndrome. So if you do a lot of things you have to work especially hard at each and every one.

That’s okay, I’m not a stranger to hard work. But it can confuse people, people who like to think they know what you do and who you are.


Oh yes he’s a figurative painter


Who does portraits. So far so good


Oh, and he takes photographs, yes, well it's visual I guess


And he paints abstract pictures… we’ve all got to earn a living


And he does abstract sculpture – well we could understand it more perhaps if it was figurative sculpture, but...


And he’s doing some weird shit with text and clothes



What, what, what is going on?

You tell me.
I just do it.
[amongst other things]

Posted by john at August 24, 2005 01:09 PM