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May 30, 2010

edit 1


the workspace during the assembly edit of current documentary film.

transcripts to the left, sequence from the paper edit in the centre and cut away notes on the right

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May 28, 2010

a drawing for Friday


dancer, ink on paper, from my sketchbook in the late eighties I think

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May 23, 2010

copper head


by Jim Bond

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May 17, 2010

sandy stuff

preparing to film on the beach


Formby beach to be precise


What do you often get a lot of on a beach?
Name one small-particled substance that complicated video cameras don't like.
What should a camera operator be in such circumstances?

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May 08, 2010

the moon and Victoria's jubilee

local monument Castle Hill, seat of early settlers and site of a stone tower built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
There used to be a pub next to the tower which sported a sign on its door "BEWARE OF THE POODLE" to which unsuspecting tourists scoffed and chuckled until greeted by a three-foot high German hunting dog putting its paws on their shoulders and commencing to devour their faces in a way redolent of a small child with an ice lolly on a hot day.

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May 03, 2010

the apprentice


a Circus Girl, from the picture of the same name.

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May 01, 2010

23 years of anarchy


demolition in Moldgreen,


and they didn't wait to clear the shelves


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