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June 30, 2010

father and daughter


I was taking Johanna's passport photo [12 week old people need a passport if they are, as she is, going to travel to Germany, or anywhere else for that matter] and it was no mean feat in itself, but imagine my surprise, when, enlarging the image to check for focus and such, I discovered that I was in the photograph too - there was an image of me reflected in her eye.


The square is the soft box of the flash, suspended above Johanna and I am on a ladder leaning over with the camera. Who'd have thought it?

This was the one we wanted but there was too much shadow going on for the likes of the passport police:


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June 22, 2010

Final Cut

the final cut has been signed off, the pictures have been locked, we move into the dub, living in a world of sounds and noises for a few days before the final track laying and mastering.

meanwhile here are a few of the locked pictures





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June 20, 2010

nearing the end of the film


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June 19, 2010

documenting the Holmfirth Art Market






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June 18, 2010

Go! Felix


Felix the Cat - what a rascal

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June 16, 2010

another one from the film


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June 11, 2010

and while we're on the subject of fish - or nearly

here's a still from my forthcoming documentary on Kirklees College


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June 10, 2010

in another world

free diver Guillaume Nery "jumps" down a blue hole in the Bahamas while merely [merely!] holding his breath. More amazingly perhaps [because she's concentrating on other things] Julie Gaultier filmed it without oxygen either.

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June 09, 2010

of sand and sea water

those of you who have been here before will know I've been working with a dancer and a couple of bags of builder's sand.

last week we upped the amount of sand and added some water




dancers from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and Edge Hill University on Formby Beach

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June 07, 2010

tribute to Ivor Cutler


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June 05, 2010

wild dune-pixies


ready to pinch the pants you left on the fence post or kick sand onto your cheese and tomato sandwich

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June 02, 2010

Ivor's harmonium

I picked up a harmonium from an old house in Leeds today.


It's provenance is said to include, as a one-time owner, the late, great, Ivor Culter, Scottish poet, wit and raconteur. Who once sported the slogan "Never knowingly understood".


It's well worn, chipped and yellowing keys still make it hum when the pedals are pushed.


Under the bonnet, said pedals inflate two pairs of bellows which in turn inflate a further bellows, which provides an even pressure across all the pipes. All fancy stuff.

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