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June 29, 2003

Happy Birthday!

It was Jules mum's birthday meal last night. The whole family descended on the local Beafeater. And much merriment ensued :-D

Unfortunately some of her cousins had a little more to drink than others...

The Beefeater's closed for now, redecoration you understand.

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June 28, 2003


With the imminent return to work, it was time to shop, shop, shop. In Watford, with the spiral carparks, urgh... Makes you dizzy!

Guess what we bought!


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June 27, 2003

6 Years Ago...

It's 6 years since Jules and I met, in a pub, down the High Street!

So we went out for a night on the town, the first in many months since the op and treatment. And what a night!

It was raining, just like 6 years ago. And we bumped into many of her friends, some she's not seen for many years.

A great night out, and yet another reason for us to organise a big bash for later in the year. A celebration of many things.

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June 25, 2003

Invasion Pt 2

Well, the kitchen looks like a bomb hit it, upturned pots, and a mug smashed all over the floor.

Now, I say it's Jules fault for not tidying up and leaving all the washing out. And she say's it's my fault for locking the catflap so we could find out who the latest intruder was. In the words of a suffering TV show, YOU DECIDE !

Well, we found out alright, another neighbours cat, a psycho black one that shot up the stairs and leapt out of the bathroom window :-O

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June 24, 2003

We'll talk to the surgeon

How stupid is this? You arrange an appointment to see your Occupational Health person, 9am, today, expecting to be told when to come back, have a chat, etc...

That's what Jules was expecting. And so was I.

Oh no.

"We need to contact the surgeon first, goodbye"

Eh??? So what exactly have you done for the last 2 weeks?

The clock starts ticking - she'll be at her desk in 7 days time guys, you better sort out what you're doing before then.

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June 21, 2003

Back on the Breezer's!

It was Lisa's 21st last night and we all went out for a slap up meal at one of the local pub's.

At the bar Jules brother, Chris, offers to buy a round. Imagine the surprise when Jules pipes up, "Err, I'll have a breezer please" !!

So, back on the drink, eating like a horse, and boogying the night away. Normality has returned :-D

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June 13, 2003

Back to work with you!

Well, having had her chat with the consultant today, Jules has been told to get back to work! So come 1 July she'll be back to early mornings once more.

"Not looking forward to that", was her only comment.

As for the detail, there are 3 options for treatment:

1) More surgery - least risky and most successful
2) Hormone therapy - showing good results in work they've done with other patients
3) Stereotactic radiotherapy - very focussed radiotherapy, of which you can have lots and lots without worry of what levels you've had in the past.

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June 12, 2003

Unlucky for some

Tomorrow's the appointment for the surgeon, and Jules has only just realised what day it is.

"Ohhh no...", she said tonight, "You can bet something bad's going to happen with all the luck I've had so far..."

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June 9, 2003

Invasion Pt1

"Is that Spitfire" was all I heard Jules say before she screamed. It would appear he's bringing home his girlfriends now.

We've always had problems with a cat from round the corner, popping in when it's raining and helping herself to some nosh. But another cat, asleep on the foot of the bed? What does he think he's playing at?

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June 5, 2003

Wish You Were Here?

Well it'll be a few days into the holiday for The Don, Ruby, Ruth and Rims Noodle. Jetting off at the weekend, we didn't go this year, for obvious reasons.

It's a shame, as Jules can't remember much from last year. Memet's bar :-D, the beers, clubbing (the best in the world!), and the food - portions beyond imagination and delight :-D Oh!. and the donor kebabs? To die for :-D

Surfing the web found this place Holidays-Exposed.com - Turunc. So we're not alone in thinking it was an enjoyable break from the rat race. And even Nirvana gets a mention here! The resort of Turunc in Turkey And for those wanting to give their "marks out of 10", try here - Holidays-Exposed.com - Turunc Nightlife - they need piccies Sy !!

Wish We Were There? - Yes, definately. Bring us back some turkish delights guys :-D

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June 4, 2003


Well, it's my turn to be ill now. One day back at work and I've come down with a raging cold. As I described to Bob, it's like someone's ripped my throat out. Lemsips Max Strength on tap, a warm bed, and zero sympathy from Jules - "What's your excuse?, I've had a head op!!!"

Although I must admit, being inquisitive, I searched the web for Lemsips, and found this - Lemsip Max Strength Lemon Drink Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao.co.uk. The web's an amazing place!

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June 3, 2003

I WANT to sleep

Fair enough, we've been jetting around for a few days, so Jules wanted to catch up on her sleep...

 <a href=Jules enjoying what she loves best - SLEEP!">

Saying that, I had Monday off too, but then I was the one who'd driven over 800 miles in the last 4 days

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June 2, 2003

Ding dong the bells do chime..

A weekend away in Cornwall as Jules and I continued our whistle stop tour of the UK!

Friends of ours, Pete and Amanda, were getting married in Polhawn Fort. Not quite realising how far this was, over 6 hours driving, we set off on the Friday, breaking our journey at Bristol. (extended entry, click away :-D)

We stayed at Penmillard Farm along with some friends, a lovely place, only a stones throw from the fort. Funnily enough we were looking at their website at the pics, and saying, "I know it's nice, but our room won't look like that...". Well, here's a pic of our on-suite bathroom :-D>

The fort itself was amazing, as the website shows. What a venue, set back into the cliff face, an ancient fort for fighting off the French and Spainish invaders. Although why this place faces off to the west and the US we can only speculate. Perhaps they knew something about the states we don't?

The wedding ceremony was held in the Napoleon Hall, a large cavern style place in the basement, with the local registrar and around 100 or so of Pete and Amanda's family and friends.

Then out to the gardens for drinkies, and Jules soon discovered she doesn't like Pimms...

The reception was up on the roof, so it was a climb back up the spiral stairs (not Jules favorite part of the Fort!). Unfortunately the weather had been pretty crappy upto the weekend, so a marque had been put up, making it a bit warm in the full glare of the afternoon sun. But the food and wine flowed, and the after dinner speeches were sooo funny, Pete's brother Phil spending 10 1/2 minutes on some of the lesser known parts of Pete's life :-D

A mate of Pete's had a book running on the length of the speech, which Jules missed out on winning (over 60!) by 1/2 minute. Pete's mum won, much to everyone's call's for an investigation. It must've been a fix!

We then popped back for a surprise birthday curry for Amanda, and even managed to catch the grand prix, although you have to admit the facilities for watching it were top class

Then we set off back to Stevenage, hitting countless traffic jams, and an accident were a vintage car had left a trailer and disappeared into the central reservation :-O

Our photos of the day are below:

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We've Been Hacked!

Went to switch off the PC tonight, having added a few comments and drafts ready for publishing, and got the message:

"Brian Squires [SQUIRES] is logged onto your machine. Do you wish to log them off?"

Arrghhh!!! Quick visit to Zonealarms and get me firewall running again

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