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July 31, 2003

Scanning Thro'

Well, Jules had her scan today, and the results will be phoned thro' soon. She also booked her blood test day, yes, that's right, a full day of blood testing. Now that'll be fun, won't it.

A worrying thing tho was the comment that she has to stop all her non-hormone medication for 6 weeks. She didn't do that last time, so have they given her the wrong doses? It would certainly explain her super energetic "Go-Get-Em" attitude that has developed in the last few weeks.

I mean, there's only so much eagerness one can take in a day.

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July 29, 2003

I Can't See

As the title says, Jules went back to work on Monday and can't actually read anything, which is:

1) A pain, coz that's really 99% of her job
2) A worry, because a fortnight ago it wasn't a problem.

We're off to hospital again on Thursday for a scan, so more news when we know.

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July 28, 2003

Back to Work !!

Up with the Lark this morning, Jules is sooo excited about getting back into the swing of things. Which is quite strange, because I'm not, in fact I'd love to stay off work at the mo'.

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Trip home

Well, having not been up to Hull in a while, it was time to go back up. The fact there was a carshow at York Dragway helped too!

Everyone commented on Jules looking well. But because of the rush up there and back we never got chance to sample the delights of Bev Road. Maybe next time up!

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July 20, 2003

He's 40!!!!!

Dave Gibbon, a good friend who moved away a few years back with the rest of the Gibbon gang, was Forty, yeap 40, the big 4-0, over the hill, this week.

So a party of massive proportions required. And in true Ground Force style, the garden decking was finished only hours before the party started!

Pic's from the day/night:






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July 17, 2003

No chance of the Olympics then...

Well, having had a very long day down at the Royal Free seeing people about her eyesight and hormones, we return to Stevenage, with me feeling as rough as old boots. In fact, after this I'm off to bed.

Anyho's, full details, ins and outs, in the extended bit. Click away!

Eyesight doesn't seem to be getting worse, and not sure if any better. The right eye has a problem with the motor control, i.e. it doesn't move as quickly and in sync with the left eye - so she's Jules "Right Eye" Page now.

Vision is okay, in so far as she can see with both eyes. But the double vision seems to be better than it was straight after the op. Time will tell.

Hormones - the remaining chunk of the tumour is sat around one of the optic nerves causing the above mentioned problems. It's also sat around the Pituitary
gland. So, having had lots of tests it turns out that Jules ain't producing enough thyroxine and cortisol, which does explain her symptoms of tiredness, cold, lack of appetite. A HUGE bag of pills, expensive too, and we're off home. Of course, with all these steroids and hormone replacement, she's buggered for the 2008 Olympics now.

Some interesting websites on all this:

Hormones of the Pituitary

Pituitary Network Association - Disorders - Hypopituitarism

The Causes of Hypopituitarism

The Brain Tumor Foundation - Meningiomas

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July 13, 2003

Surprise Trip to Scarborough!

We're off to Scarborough on a steam train..... at 6:55am

More pics to follow, but for now, click the usual extended bit below

Jules , none the too happy about getting up sooooo early :-D

Railway Touring Company - The Scarborough Flyer 60009
60009 arriving at Doncaster (photo : Railway Touring Company)

A link to a site detailing the trip:
Railway Touring Company - The Scarborough Flyer

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July 9, 2003

Whoops! Go Home

Well, given all the commotion of the last 2 days trying to sort this blood test, Jules forgot about her appointment to revisit Occy Health at Lister as part of her protracted return to work.

So, no go back today. And thanks to the "once a week" operation of the department, the earliest she can see them now is next week.

Well, at least the weather's holding :-D

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July 8, 2003

Take my blood Pt2

Well, after yesterdays farting around down in London, Jules eventually got her test sorted out with her GP and Lister Hospital. Hoorah!

No tickets, no queues, no bureaucracy :-D

If only things were that simple before!

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July 7, 2003

Take my blood - NOW!!!

Urghhhh! Why did we ever create bureaucracy?

Today was Jules ' 9am blood test. And leaving Stevenage on the first train after 7:45am you'd have thought we'd get there in plenty of time. But no, we found an extra 30 minutes of hanging about, delays, and ended up arriving at the Royal Free at 9:30am.

No go at the Blood room, so off to the ward to chat to the Sister. She told us to go straight back, explain that it had to be done BEFORE 10am otherwise it would be no good.

All's well, Jules gets booked in, walks straight past the queue of 30+ people, in to the room, and plonks herself onto a chair.

"Where's your ticket, love?", asks the nurse.
"I haven't got one, I need a hormone blood test, and it needs doing before 10am, which is why I've been allowed to push in." explains Jules
"That's nice", says the nurse, "but where's your ticket?"
"I haven't got one, there's not enough time to wait", says Jules .
"Oh, well, I'm sorry love, but without a ticket I can't do it"

I can't type what Jules said next, suffice to say, we were told to leave!

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July 6, 2003

A Weekend in The Malvern Hills (or car)

Well, it wasn't my fault, but I doubt I'll be ever able to live it down. Be Prepared and all that. But this weekend just gone I somehow managed to forget to take the poles to the tent. So, much to Jules disgust, we slept in the car on Friday night. And at 9am, my wallet in hand, we, or rather Jules , purchased a new palacial tent for us both. And I put it up.

Pics will be available soon, in the extended bit.

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July 2, 2003

Change in category?

You may have noticed a change in category yesterday. Well, if things HAD gone to plan Jules would be back at work now. But it appears everyone at Lister Hospital forgot she was due back. So, we sit and wait.... Oh, and go back to Out of Hospital!

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July 1, 2003

Today's The Day!

Well, it would be if everyone knew what they were doing. Instead Jules has spent all day calling round everyone trying to find out when they want her back!

Look's like a little more time at home for now.

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