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Bit warmer today, so decided rather than drive up to the cemetry I'd walk instead. Healthy mind, healthy body, as they say. And the gym work is improving my fitness. At least I can walk up the stairs at work now and not feel completely out of breath ;-)

Quite warm up there, I was surprised. Or maybe it's just the comfort of being there. The flowers from Valentine's Day have lasted surprisingly well, along with the card. But I do need to sort the flower box as it's starting to resemble a small pond.

This time last year, Jules was surprising us with her new found dexterity. And re-reading, it was around this time that Ivan Noble had just got out of hospital from an operation on his tumour. And we also had some snow this time last year as well, but not as much I don't think. It was trying to snow on the walk back, but hasn't come to anything yet.


Well, plans to sort stuff on the car, shopping, and gardening went out the window this morning. I've had the heating on full since yesterday and the house is still not warm :-(

Going to spend the rest of the day cleaning and washing indoors. Might even do a spot of work on the ol' laptop, since there's plenty of work to get done.

Beer After Work?

Well, after last night I didn't really fancy a drink this evening. A leaving do, and a chance to find out how Phil's coping with life in another company. So I decided to drive straight there.

Phil's doing well, his boss left the other week so he's looking like he'll get promoted. Work's starting to pick up now that they're using P3e/c. All in all he's enjoying the challenge, and it's certainly a different environment to our place.

By the time I'd left I missed the leaving do tho. Looks like starting at 12:30 mean't most of them were whacked by 6pm. So home via the chippy (be fair, I've not had fish and chips in weeks!), and sit in to watch a couple of DVD's I've borrowed. Sorted :-D

The Team Night Out

Off out for our team curry and beer night tonight. And the forecast for the day is looking bad. It's been snowing, and is forecast to continue. But I suspect it's more doom and gloom rather than any substantial snowfall.

Only a few hours left, we're off at 4pm down the pub, then curry and home. Don't know what time we'll be in in the morning, but it's Friday so I can do a half day if need be ;-)

What Snow?

Well, after the worry on the weather forecast, the snow didn't appear. Still, it mean't I could go to the gym without fear of getting snowed in at work.

Will have to wait and see what happens in the morning ;-)

Another Lazy Sunday

Nige's returned Laura, and I've had one of those great Sunday's. You know, the one's when you wake up and everything feels lazy, a real good day to lie in ;-)

Been a right busy pair round the house when Nige got here. All cleaned and dusted. Just waiting on a pizza to arrive, and then a couple of JD's to see the night off. Of course, the bad weather's forecast for the morning, so it'll be an early start for us both. Don't want to be caught out by the snow :-O

Dad's Birthday

Just got back from a surprise 30th, and what a night. He really didn't know it was coming :-D Lots of people I've not seen for ages, a good chance to catch up on the going's on. And a chance to arrange a few nights out too :-D

At home now, having had a few, and finishing the night off with a nice whiskey. And just realised, looking at the diary, that it's Dad's birthday today. Guessing he'd be 62 today, a ripe old age. And I'm also guessing that by now Jules should've found him up there. So there should've been a good party tonight. Might explain that little twinkle in the heavens ;-)

Exhausting Work!

Spent the day sorting the exhaust out on the car. The new one fits like a glove, and the old one came off eventually. Took a bit of time trying to remember how Raj and I did it last time on the cabriolet, until I remembered I needed to jack the front drivers side of the car up just a little. And hey presto, the middle part slid effortlessly over the rear axle. A few more minutes and it was all running, with the more usual burble of a Mk1 GTI :-D

The snow didn't help, but it hasn't come to anything. That's next week, when, as it tends to be down Sarf, the whole world will no doubt grind to a halt ;-)

Anyway's, gotta go and start getting ready. Can't tell you what for, as it's a surprise ;-) More tomorrow...

2 Years Ago

It'll be 2 years ago this week that Jules had her first MRI scan. And come the first weekend in March, and it'll be 2 years to the day that we sat in the consultants room at Lister, watching with fear and amazement at the pictures on the wall, and the news of what it all meant.

I suppose it's days like today that bring it home to you. When you see all the fuss about Valentines Day in the shops, and the adverts on TV. It makes you wonder, what might have been.

Live for today, as you never know what might be round the corner to take it all away.

All Quiet Once More

Well, that's Nige off with Laura for the half term hol's. The van's full of clothes and coursework, so she's got no excuse not to be revising whilst up there.

Me? Well, I'm just getting ready for a night of R&R. Curry's slowly bubbling away, hot bath beckons, and Saving Private Ryan's on Channel 5. Better get things moving then ;-)


Managed to get the broken exhaust off, it had snapped away at the back box join. So, a quick jump under Jules car, and another back box was got, and the car's back to normal once more.

New exhaust is on order for Monday, so will have the job of sorting it all next weekend, weather permitting.

The joys of classic car ownership ;-)


Well, that was the noise from underneath the car when I got home tonight. Seems the exhaust has fallen off :-O

Oh well, it wasn't like I had anything planned for the weekend. Looks like I'll be under the car tomorrow.

All Better

Or just about. Managed to make it into work yesterday, and today. But feeling half deaf and bunged up. This has to be the worst cold I've had in a long time :-( And it sounds like it's making the rounds :-(

Off out for Laura's 16th tonight, so that should be a quiet one. No alcohol, don't dare chance it. Besides, Nige's down tomorrow, so there'll be plenty of drinking then ;-)

Not Again!

Well, after yesterday's sore throat I'd decided a quiet one would be better, plus driving back today. So, you can imagine my dismay, having left Hull earlier this evening, to find myself sitting here, nose running, throat on fire, and yet another fever!

Packed myself full of fluids and a Lemsip, and off to bed to see if I can sweat this one off. Will have to see what state I'm in in the morning.

Geoff's Birthday Night Out

It's the morning after the night before. And I've either shouted too much last night, or have the mother of all sore throats :-(

Great night out, everyone about, and thanks to my speedy driving, an earlier than normal start to the evening.

I could go into details, but pictures speak a thousand words, so click away on the extended bit below:

Off up North

And for the first time in a long time.

It's my birthday celebrations this weekend at home. Lots of beer, and stuff. Anyway's, better sneak off before it's too late. Don't want to be getting up there too late, eh Ian ;-)

I'm So Ronery

Since it was taking up a large chunk of the front page, and some of you visit this via mobile means, I've shifted it into the extended bit now, so click away if you're interested:

Stevenage in The News

2 bits of national news on Stevenage today, one good and one bad:

Firefighters killed in rescue bid
One in 10 schools 'not improving'

You can't miss the flats on the way into work, and from what I've heard from work colleagues it was horrific to watch at 3am this morning. I've not seen any TV coverage yet, but I'm told it was on the national news.

The other bit I saw briefly at lunchtime, which highlighted Burydale Junior School in Stevenage as an example of a school no longer in need of Special Measures status. And having spent time working in the local schools with schools liason thro' work, it's great to see Stevenage being presented in such a good way. There's a lot of clever kids out there, and with the right encouragement they'll go a long way.

All Done!

Sorted the pipe on the car, took longer than I thought, as always. And I didn't have a spare, which many will find hard to believe. But I did have a spare car, so nicked it off one of the other Golfs ;-)

Anyway's, better get off to work and catch up on all I've missed!

The Morning After The Night Before

What a night last night :-{ :-O ;-)

A complete surprise on walking into The Proverbial - both Nige and Ian had come down :-D Which mean't the night wasn't going to be as quiet as first planned ;-)

Once everyone had arrived, we went across to the curry house, then around 9pm I think, (my memory's going, must be the old age!) we went back across the road to the pub. Home by closing time, and up again this morning to wave them off at 6am.

I'm now waking back up to sort the car - a radiator hose decided to blow off late yesterday afternoon whilst pumping up the tyres on the other Golfs :-( Won't say whether it'll be an easy job or not, as that'll just be tempting fate.


Ivan Noble
After posting last week about Ivan's final diary entry, you can imagine the shock today, on seeing this news :-(:

BBC writer Ivan Noble dies at 37

I, like so many others, never knew Ivan personally, only through reading his column on the BBC website. And an inspiration for me, and for a little time, Jules. I remember Jules. reading the early entries whilst recovering from her first op, gaining comfort from the fact she wasn't alone in suffering from a tumour. Of course, like Ivan, we didn't know at the time that things would not, as we hoped, improve.

The pain is over, and he is free. All my heartfelt support and thoughts go to his family :-(

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