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Fixing The Car

Finished sorting the car brake cables, suspension, and rear wheel bearings this afternoon. It's been another great outdoor day, not too cold, and certainly not windy. Discovered the rear drivers side spring had snapped, :-O, but fortunately I'd a spare in the garage, and Nige was still here so could run me over there to get one. It's certainly handy having a ready store of spares ;-) New Years resolution : To go through all the extra stuff I've gathered in the garage and get rid.

Anyway, off to warm up, and put a bottle of Moet on chill for me and Spitfire to bring in the New Year, although I doubt he'll be drinking much of it come midnight ;-)

Laguna Heater Resistor Packs

Are a pain in the...

Mum's went a few weeks ago, resulting in the fan not blowing above speed 1. So, misty windows in a morning, and litte if no air blowing around the car.

The resistor pack works off a thermal fuze, which, from all the cars I've trawled around at the scrap yard, appears to be a common fault.

Fortunately, further investigation has found that the thermal cutout is the same as ones in washing machines and tumble dryers. So Nige's got one at GT Electrical, and I've set to and fitted it to the pack this afternoon. Hurrah :-D

Bridge Gone!

Had a look at the Ella Street bridge removal today. Part of the Hull Docks Branch upgrade, to provide more than 20 paths in and out of the docks for rail freight.

The old bridge, under the line, has been completely filled in. And it looks like many of the old bridges are being removed or reinforced. Which isn't surprising, when the new trains are transporting upwards of 20,000 tonnes of coal out of the docks.

Should be all finished by May/June next year, by which point there'll be more freight on the tracks, and less on the roads. Which can only be a good thing :-D

Cracking Sunday!

Loads done.

Christmas tree fixed. Car boot lock fixed. Bonnet fixed. Car heater not fixed, but fault found. Fix tomorrow!

Off to bed now, as we're all up at 3am to go shopping at ASDA ;-)

Frank Martin interview

The boss of Hornby has given an interview to The Guardian, and it's also online. Encouraging news on the Airfix front - Interview: Frank Martin : Model executive puts Hornby back on track

Have I Got News For You?

Probably the funniest episode so far - Have I Got News For You - Webisode 7 - BBC One, with Clive Anderson as the guest presenter :-D Always thought Mr Anderson was a good comedic presenter, just hope he gets to do a few more in the next series.

[UPDATE} Damn, it's been removed, apparently because of the reference to the Prince of Wales, bugger :-(

Facebook Changes Ad System

Catching up on the news today, Facebook have changed the Beacon logging after protests from users. For those not aware, it's their ad/tracking system for Facebook users which businesses can subscribe to. It basically tracks what you're shopping for, looking at, and lets your friends know, and more importantly for campaigners, businesses who pay for the info too.

Now, I've been watching this with interest. Particularly as I've always thought, since Facebook is free, there's gotta be a catch somewhere. Something's got to pay for it, yes? So it's not surprising that they're eager to sell all this info to businesses. And business is happy to pay to be part of it too.

I've had 2 big debates on this whole concept recently down the pub. One were it was argued that they can't do that, as the terms and conditions prevent them, and one that the T&C's don't matter, because you ain't paying for it. Either way, the conditions are that they may change. Big brother is watching, and there's no way of getting away from that. Publish and be damned, and if you don't want anyone to know, keep it to yourself ;-)

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