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We're Premier League!

Still pinching myself, having spent the day down in London, watching my home team, Hull City, The Tigers, playing at Wembley :oD

I've only been to Wembley once before for the footy, that time it was Stevenage Boro in the FA Trophy. They won that day, and I'd said to Ian I'd a good feeling about how the day might go.

What a game. It really could've gone either way, but Deano came good in the end, with a rocket of a shot, and it was in the bag. A tense remainder of the game, waiting for the final whistle, or a further Hull goal to seal it. Then, at 5 o'clock, the whistle went, putting Hull City in the Premier League :oD The crowd went wild :oD

Been down the Old Town as soon as we got back, celebrating and drinking. Off back downstairs to finish off the champers, remember someone who couldn't be here celebrating with us, and think about calling it a night. Pics of the day in the extended bit :D

We're Off To Wembley!

TigersHaving caught the other playoff on the radio on Sunday, a close match, ending 0-2 to Hull, me and Andy had said we had to go and find somewhere showing the game tonight. After finding a pub in the Old Town showing the second leg, "Who's playing, Hull? Didn't know they had a football team..." Ended up being joined by 5 other Hull fans, surreal, considering how close we are to Watford, I'd have expected to be quietly sitting with Watford fans.

What a match! It started with Watford getting a goal, and we all thought that would be it. No-one expected us to watch 4 goals go in, and the score end up 4-1 to Hull. Barmby's equaliser just before halftime was the goal of the match for me. Where did he come from? Like a rocket from no-where, to head the ball in.

Still pinching myself, can't quite believe, Hull City are off to Wembley :D Better get those tickets bought, there's going to be quite a demand, I'm sure.

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