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Hull Docks Branch Is Go!

I've been following the news on the Hull Docks branch for a while now. Ever since I started helping Dad out at the family business, there's always been a fascination with the big freight trains running back and forth at the bottom of the street. Coal, fish, steel, oil, acetic acid (vinegar!), and all manner of strange things shuttled in and out of the docks, on to places all over the country and beyond. So news released today that Grant Rail Group have been awarded the contract to do it.

Work's already under way, to build the new junction at Hessle Road, to allow the doubling up of the track, back to it's capacity back in the 70's and 80's. On completion it'll allow up to 22 paths running at 30mph, rather than the current 10 which appear to crawl along at a snails pace. It's just another resurgence of Hull's former rail history. Wonder how noisy it'll get at GT Electrical come May next year?

In Bristol, About To Be SAP'd

Down in Bristol for a SAP training course, which I'm teaching, tomorrow. All the PC's check out and work, which is a feat in itself, as you'll already know from my previous moans.

Best bit is that the hotel I'm stuck in, Jurys, has free internet access now, so I can get on and do all the stuff I'd normally be doing at home, updating MySpace, Facebook, checking email, and bank account(s). And with a bottle of Short Mile High Shiraz, I'm quite happy, to be honest :-D

Got a Ford C-Max, and as I was flying up the M4 this afternoon, I have to say I've been wondering where does it fit, exactly, in the scheme of things? Is it another Ford Confusion? I'm not complaining, it's a nice enough car. But it's not an MPV, and it's not a car. It's a sort of in-between. And worse, it's got the wierdest alloys and smoked windows, why?

[UPDATE]Just catching up on the Hull score, 3-0 :-D Waaaay heyyyy!

P6 Discussions

Spent the day down in Hammersmith discussing, as the title says, P6, or Primavera version 6, with our account manager and one of the head techy guys. Owh, and we had lunch, the usual storming Primavera spread. I really do need to find out where they get their catering from, if only to know where to go when I've a do to sort out top catering for.

As always, the new features and way ahead with the software are fantastic, and I'm looking even more forward to the user conference in a few weeks. Having had a while using the web version, it'll definately be the way we've got to go at work, both from a cost point of view, and also from a useability point. Course, it'll mean I'm going to be just as busy in the coming months, especially if we're going to get this in before March.

They've Made It, She's Airborne!

Vulcan bomber flyingNews today that the Vulcan's finally taken to the air, hurrah :-D

There's the BBC video of the flight on the BBC News site, as well as some cracking pictures via the UK Airshow Review thread.

Can't wait to see, sorry, I mean HEAR it at an airshow next year :-D

Fancy A Special Van?

Catching up on my online news, and one of the forum's I frequent had this eBay link - Nick Parks 1958 AUSTIN A35 GREEN Van.

An auction for charity, all the proceeds going to Wallace & Gromit's Children's Foundation, which specialises in making children's life in hospital and/or hospice a better one.

Anyone got 6,000 going spare?

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