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Another Saturday Away From Work!

Another weekend where the power's being switched, so no point trying to go to work. Glad in some ways, but it doesn't help with the timescales for getting what's needed to be finished.

Finally getting to a stage where the back bedroom has a lot of crap in it, rather than an infinite amount of crap ;-) Still can't believe some of the rubbish I've accumulated over time. Ah well, another trip to the tip for some, and another large bag of goodies for the Hospice shop.

Kicking Off EVM?

Not exactly the best thing to end a week on, but I had the pleasure of attending the first of a series of working groups looking into coming to a common approach to the application of EVM within the business.

The common theme seemed to be that it's both a technical application of a methodology, as well as a cultural change. I hate using sound bites, but Hearts and Minds sprung to mind, no pun intended. For the projects which have implemented varying levels of EVM, it's been more of a struggle convincing people it's providing a benefit, and not simply another bat for management to hit them with.

It's going to be interesting learning how the business currently does it, how the different cultures and languages help and hinder, and how Primavera fits in with all of it. Not a light task, getting 3, and eventually 4, nations to agree on something we all currently struggle to agree on as individual nations. And we've not even brought in the customer angle!

Anyway, I'm off to Our Mutual Friend for a couple of pints, eager to investigate the earned value metrics of real ale and sour cream & horseradish crisps

St Valentines

No cards yet, guess they must be held up in the postal strike, bet they turn up tomorrow...

Another Great Primavera Training Day!

I have to say it's still one of the most enjoyable parts of my job, training. So, whenever I've a course to deliver, I look forward to the day very much.

And today was no different! A good class, all keen and interested in learning about Primavera and what it can do for them. Plenty of questions at the end of the day, and a challenge digging out the answers tonight ready for tomorrow morning!!

Kicking Off Workload Forecast 2008

So this year is the first year our function will be responsible for the business workload forecast. Daunting. Even more so, as I'm set to be responsible for the UK data gathering part of the exercise.

What that involves is co-ordinating all the projects to ensure they all put in the relevant data, before the functions within the UK sit down and review the inputs. The collimation of which will be a day long review, where we lock everyone in a room, and the projects and functions agree or disagree with the numbers of people required to deliver the business for the next 5 years.

Lots of new things to learn, and I'm sure lots of technical and personal challenges to tackle. And they say things get easier as you get older!

Getting Ready To Go To P6!

Today was the first meeting to discuss the formal evaluation and rollout of P6 to the business. It's never an easy process, as there's 3 countries to agree when, why, and what we're going to do.

I'm quite happy we're starting the discussions, as it's been difficult trying to keep up to speed with the latest version, P6, and the version we're still using. Plus, it'll get rid of all the bugs and annoying errors we've got with P3e 4.1.

Of course, it means lots and lots of work for me. Updates to the training, the intranet support site, and weeks and weeks of testing with the guys in CSC. Looking forward to it, actually!

What's Happening?

After the close match on Saturday, I was expecting, as I'd been told down the pub, FC to trounce Warrington. Instead, they got clobbered!?

Maybe it is Rovers year :-D

Helping Out

Had a day off, helping out, and doing what I enjoy doing. Life's pretty good when you're playing from the pitch, and not sitting in the stands :-D

Close Call!

Hull KRManaged to catch the tailend of the rugby last night when we got down Bev Road, and glad we did, with the Robins nearly stealing a season opener. Couldn't believe the score when we left the house, with Rovers leading with 12 points. But, as last season, KR seemed to bottle it, and the Rhinos showed why they're the champions, and pulled back to clinch the win.

Of course, it was the topic of discussion in the pub afterwards, and even Geoff said they'd played well. Looks like it could be the season for Rovers :-D

Happy Birthday!

Ahhh, my birthday, the day off doing what I enjoy doing, rather than working. Got a big night out down Chicago's later, naturally :-D And there should be a fair few from work out.

Not going to be the normal late, drunken night out tho, as I'm off upt' North tomorrow for the Big Hull Night Out. It's Geoff's birthday this weekend too, so it'll be an even bigger crowd descending on Bev Road and all the pubs along the way. Looking forward to it :-D

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