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Have You Been Drinking, Sir?

On the Publican website, news on a Home Office document on how to spot a drunk. I'm amazed this stating the blinkin' obvious snippet of news hasn't been picked up anywhere. But then there seems to be a lot of news being buried while we all panic over a couple of lost CD's. Which reminds me, I've got one to post off myself... ;-)

The Second One Down The Slipway

You probably missed it on the news, HMS Diamond's launch today, the second of the Type 45 fleet.

There's plenty of vids on YouTube of the launch. There's also a cracking vid on of a Sea Dart trial that you'll stumble on via the HMS Diamond vid link. Failing that, search for Sea Dart Missile Firing Gone Wrong. You'll see why the linking to it has been disabled when you view it ;-)


Finally managed to get my works mobile synchronising with the home PC. So now I've got all my work and home diaries sync'd, and all my contacts :-D

[UPDATE] Don't know what I've done, but all my home contact mobiles have turned into 4.47 e11?

In Paris

and St Pancras International ain't finished yet, so don't be disappointed if you're planning on travelling out there soon. I can see that programme on BBC2 being an interesting watch, now I've been through there, what little there is to see and do. And there I was thinking it was finished.

Best advice? Don't check in until you need to, as there's nothing once you're through check in and passport control. But, they did try and make up, with a complimentary bottle of champers, an apple (?), and bottle of water. Owh, and also a voucher for me and a guest for the Champagne bar. So, dear reader, if you'd like to be invited along, just send your application on the back of a five pound note to the usual address ;-)

As for the new journey, it really does take no time at all to get to the tunnel now, felt like half an hour. 186 miles an hour is here :-D

Cooke Suspended, Eh?

Okay, so it's probably the only conclusion the RFL could come up with and allow themselves and the clubs to save face, but really, is this decision allowed?

Cooke leaves Hull FC back in April, with the RFL's blessing, and Hull FC kick up a stink saying that the RFL have taken the resignation out of context, and that the legal arguement is all about Cooke's contract with FC, with Paul claims he never signed. So Hull FC were playing an out of contract player with questionable registration without the RFL taking any action. A problem for the RFL and Hull FC, with the potential for Hull FC and the RFL to face punishment for not following the law of the game.

No surprise then that on Wednesday the decision is taken to punish Cooke for misconduct, and let the teams and the league off scott free. So the player is charged with being a naughty boy for approaching another team, but the teams and league aren't punished for failing to follow the rules of the game?

The affair stinks :-(

There'll Be A Bit Of Noise....

So they said when I checked in on Sunday night. What they hadn't explained was that it'll be continuing all week. So, the receiption is slowly being ripped apart. Last night in particular, it sounded like the carpet was being taken up by one of those turf cutting machines.

The day itself has gone great, we've flown through everything, and I've come to terms with resource driven activities, with a number of interesting real-life examples.

Oh, and before I forget, the wine I've been drinking is Eagles Point Vat 4A, a very nice bottle of red. Certainly giving me the power to sleep through all this noise ;-)

What A Great Day

I can't remember the last time I managed to read The Independent from cover to cover, demolish a rather superb bottle of red wine (:-p), and spend hours surfing the web in the comfort of an excellent hotel.

I'm on holiday from work, as you might've guessed. 8 people know what the holiday's about, the rest of you I'll fill in over the coming months, once a few other things fall in place, as it where ;-)

The only downside to it all is I've still not shaken this cold. But, funny thing is, after a whole bottle of wine, I kinda forget about the cold ;-)

Bugger, Missed Top Gear

Got to where I needed to be tonight, only to find I can't get room service, and Top Gear will have finished by the time I've had a bite to eat and gotten back to my room. Must remember to catch it on Tuesday, more so after just about everyone texting me about what I was missing :-(

Briefly In Hull

But only because I was late up this morning. After yesterday, and the cold that's slowly dragging me down, I didn't fancy the early morning drive I was planning. Of course, Nige and Ian will argue I never manage that promised early set off up North. Either way, I'm up here now, and will shortly be off to spend my CAMRA vouchers enjoying some real ales down Bev Road :-D

It's a flying visit, as I'm off elsewhere tomorrow for 3 days. More on that later, no doubt...

Securely Refreshed!

Had my work's security refresher today. And it was quite an interesting one :-D

To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything interesting, or new. But in the end, I've learnt a number of new things about security issues at work, and when travelling. Can't really explain anything, but it's interesting realising just how bad some security protection is, and what you can do as an individual to protect yourself.

One big one is the internet, and being careful what you say, publish, and communicate. Hmmm, maybe a blog isn't that good an idea after all? ;-)

Lord Drayson Steps Down

News today that Lord Drayson's quit, apparently to race in Le Mans.

Mumblings that certain individuals were none too pleased with his reforms, including the radical Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS). Interestingly, the next update to DIS was due soon, so it's surprising that he's gone, unless he'd lost patience trying to get it published? :-(

So, I've Got Another Mobile...

Orange SPV C600Got told earlier this week to get myself a company mobile, apparently nothing to do with the impending reorganisation at work on the 20th November, more to do with the fact I'm using my personal mobile and claiming it back as business expense. Anyway, lost the arguement, so filled in the form and put it into the system. Imagine, then, the surprise on getting back to Blighty today to find it's arrived. Furthermore, despite being told connection could be anything upto a week, it's all working within 3 hours of me switching it on.

Anyway, more important for you, no doubt, dear reader, is what is it? Hmmm, well, not anything to get over excited about, it's an Orange SPV C600. Yes, I know, it's not available on the website, so all I can think is we've got a big warehouse full of the things somewhere. £25 to connect, and apparently £1 a month plus calls, which are supposedly cheaper than anything you can get retail, including in Europe, which must be where the deal is saving the company money.

So, I'm off online tonight to start seeing what gismos I can download and start making it more useable. The first discovery is that despite it being a Windows mobile, it doesn't have any way of viewing MS Office files. Unlike my Nokia N80. Least the memory cards are compatible, so there'll be a load more MP3's going on it so I can conserve the battery on my mobile :-D

Of course, the next job is to get an Orange 3G card for the laptop, something I really want ;-)

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