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Saudi Typhoon Maiden Flight

Happened last week, and it's been very busy up at Warton understandably. A different scheme to the RAF ones, with a varied grey and small Saudi flag on the fin. Interestingly they're carrying ASRAAM. Maybe there'll be an announcement on that soon?

Lots of photo's are online:

UK AirShow Review | Saudi Friday @ Warton 24th Oct
EGNO 20th Oct 08
UK AirShow Review | Saudi Typhoon's second flight at warton
UK AirShow Review | 3rd flight of saudi typhoon @ warton

Moving House

Helping Stuart (Jules' brother) move house today. And yes, you're not seeing things, this was posted at 3am :O So much for a quiet day pottering around the house ;o)

It's really brought home just how much you accumulate over time. I've been clearing out more and more in the house over the last few weekends, having had Saturday's free of work, or using the luxury of working from home. Again, finding little boxes of stuff Jules had packed away in a corner, or paperwork which really didn't need keeping. Makes me more determined to clear away all the junk as soon as possible.

Off to bed, not that I'll have long before it's time to get up again. I wouldn't have minded, but I only popped round to collect your recycling, Stu ;o)

All Quiet on The Southern Front...

Well, it's been a busy few months since April, when I was last in here posting entries. Work has been hectic, to say the least. Not that I'm complaining, it's good to be this busy.

Today is the first real holiday, and I've certainly picked the weather for it. Sunny, warm, not your typical October day. Shame I'm spending it indoors, clearing out more and more historic junk - I'm sure there's no legal reason for keeping 20 years of bank statements, is there?

In the next few weeks it'll slowly be back to normal for here, I'll get the drafts posted, and start adding occasional bits and bobs back.

London 0 Hull 4

TigersSo that's 4 London sides who've fallen to The Tigers so far this season :D

First it was the home game against Fulham, the first match of the season, full of expectation. It didn't look good, but they pulled it back, Super-Sub Folan grabbing the winner.

Then the "Cup Final"-like night in Hull watching them beat Arsenal 1-2 with Kev, Ian and half of Bev Road, screaming the pub down when Geovanni's free kick rocketed in, followed by Cousin's header from another corner set piece, breaking the home record at The Emirates. Funny, no-one at work was talking about it the following week.

Next, Spurs, and the rest of my mates at work predicting the bubble was ready to burst, and Geovanni makes another impressive free kick count.

So, today, West Ham at home, and all the pundits still not acknowledging the feat that is Hull City. Not comfortable, but we did it. And as The Housemartins so put it many years ago, it was London 0 Hull 4. And where are Hull City at the moment? Top of the league, nahh, top of the world more like :D
The Tiger Feat | BBC News
Hull City Fans celebrating at White Hart Lane | YouTube
Cousin Scores at The Emirates | YouTube
All The Goals at The Emirates | Arsenal 1-2 Hull City
Hull City - First Ever Premier League Match | YouTube

Didn't See That One Coming!

Got to work this morning, to find an email from Primavera announcing their buyout by Oracle!

Oracle Buys Primavera

It can only be good news, with Oracle no doubt able to invest a lot more money in the development of P6. Also, with their databases and other applications, Primavera fits very well into their portfolio.

Of course, with any buyout there's going to be changes. Lets hope they're all for the good!

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