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Hard work

When things go wrong, they really go wrong... Or, at least, that's what it feels like ;-)

Been working up a reporting solution at work, intranet based, and seemed to be on track this week to demonstrate and publish. And then my brain exploded. Or, at least, that's what it felt like. In reality, what really happened, was it got too hard, and I was lost in the mess they call "code".

So, time to detach myself and doing something else. And see what that detachment brings ;-)


And nothing but. Have now planted out most of the bedding plants, and the place looks dandy. In a few weeks all the colour will be here, and the place will look great. Ready for the BBQ's and parties in the back garden

Also popped round Janet's to sort their garden, and the car, after it failed it's MoT. Didn't get round to the car, took most of the time to sort the garden, with help from Janet's friend Debbie, and, of course, Laura. Also saw Colette and her little son, Morgan. Not seen them for months and months, so good to catch up and talk about what's been happening over the last few weeks :-D

All in all a fulfilling and complete day. Just need a nice hot bath, chinese takeaway (thanks for the treat, Mum), and then early bed. Early start in the morning as tomorrow's the big day for the completion of our demo intranet reporting tool. It's going to be a long, hard day...;-)

Out For lunch

Just an excuse for a trip to the pub to sample another Tring Brewery ales ;-)

After this morning's service, the sun shining, and nothing planned for lunch, it would've been an opportune moment to go and grab lunch somewhere in the depths of the Hertfordshire countryside. And I miss being able to jump in the car with Jules and just go off into the wilderness and spend time just being with life. So, with Janet having nothing to do, and me looking for an excuse to go back to the The Plume and Feathers, we went over for lunch ;-)

I'm now settled back at home, refreshed and ready to get on with the remainder of the day ;-)

In Remembrance

So, a year has passed since Jules funeral. And this morning, during mass, at the church we held the funeral, Jules got a mention.

The experience was comforting. Moving through to the end of what has been a long 2 weeks. Making the realisation that a year has gone by, it was hard, but turned out better than first thought. The fear of moving on a little less, and the pain of memories turned to happiness.

I've made it through to the end of year one. I've lost something I can never have back, and yet I'm realising I've got so many old memories to rediscover and share with everyone. Jules may have died, but until now I never truely understood the comment that her memories will always live on. Close your eyes and she's there ;-)

Pre-Tring Buildup

So, long morning in work sorting out stuff for next week, and a need for food and further chat, but in a more relaxed environment. Tony had mentioned on Friday that The Plume and Feathers in Ickleford was having a small beer festival, so this sounded like a good place to go for a spot of lunch, and also sample a couple of different real ales.

Little was I to know, and seredipity played it's part, but they had on tap 3 Tring Brewery ales - Mansion Mild, Oak Apple, and Tapsters Spring Ale. Only the Tapsters was on today, so will have to find an excuse to pop in tomorrow, and, hmmmmmm, maybe Monday ;-)

Afternoon In The Beer Garden

After last weekend in Bedford, managing to grab a pint in the beer garden of one of the pubs near the cinema, I was determined to make sure the bank holiday weekend would be another opportunity to enjoy a pint in the sunshine - Summer is here :-D

And so, when our Head of PM asked if Gareth and I were ever planning on going home, we jumped at the chance of getting down the High Street and enjoying some of the real ales at the Wetherspoons beer fest :-D

Not sure what's going to happen in the morning, as the couple of beers turned into several. And Phil popped by on his way home from work. All seems well with him and the job, more bonuses on their way. But then he does work for a company making money.

So, better get off to bed as it'll be an early start to go and get me car before getting into work. But if the weather's as nice as it was today, I might have to find another pub to enjoy in the afternoon sunshine :-D

Owh, and for those of us fortunate to get free tickets to a gig - Faithless at Trocadero. Looks like it was definately on TV Sunday ;-)

Your Card Is Being Scanned

So, you go to the hole in the wall to get out cash, but do you expect to discover the machine has a fake front attached, and it's busily copying your card details? Nope, neither did I :-O

Apparently this kind of thing is on the increase, and the device I discovered last night was convincing enough for everyone before me. I'd only noticed something was wrong when my receipt didn't come out. On closer inspection I then realised the information on the front wasn't for the bank cashpoint it was stuck to. You can then imagine the reaction when I pulled at it, and it just fell off. Ripping out the innards so that anything it had recorded was hopefully lost. And then, whilst I rang the bank and another guy rang the Police, watching a rather annoyed young chap run off with what was left down the High Street with every CCTV camera around watching him go. What a night of excitement ;-)

A story, and picture of what looks like and identical device. My card's cancelled, on probably the worst weekend to do it, a bank holiday. Will be at least a week before my new card comes. But at least, for the moment, the fraud was stopped in its tracks :-D


Got home last night, and had already chosen not to go to the seminar in London. Been getting more and more tired, my own fault for not going to bed early enough. But I've found myself trying to do more and more over the last few weeks, saying yes to everything that presents itself. The net result? When something went wrong, I'd no spare time to fit in what I needed, that being R&R for moi ;-)

So, after a quick drop in on the way home to the cemetry, I was fed and asleep by 9pm, pausing briefly to see Liverpool being well and truely trounced by AC Milan.

Bit of a surprise, then, this morning when I woke up, listening to the news ;-) Looks like I missed a lot last night.

Happy 70th!

Reading up on Jonathan's latest escapades it would appear that his dad, Malcolm, has reached the dizzy heights of 70 yesterday :-D (BTW I do like the sound of his present :-D).

In a few weeks time, my mum will be 60. Strange how it doesn't seem that she's that old. We were talking about all this when she came down the other weekend, how old people were know, and also how old Dad, Nana, Grandad, and even Jules would be.

How time changes your view and outlook, and yet leaves it no different to the day you were born... ;-0

A Twist on The Trojan

I've mentioned a few of these nasty email-type virus' that are going about, I seem to get more than the fair share through the car club email addresses. But reading the BBC News at lunchtime, this one is taking a new, and rather worrying tack:

Trojan holds PC files for ransom

All the more reason, I think, to make sure ALL my virus definitions are up to date :-0

1 Year Today

.... I lost all conciousness. It was a party to celebrate a life so precious. And the day faded away for me, the same way it started.

I don't know how many people knew, but Jules actually stayed at the house the night before the funeral, being home at last, after everything that had happened. Being together at the very end, is what it's all about.

I know this poem is buried away in Jules blog. It reminds me of all the wonderful comments, cards, emails, and notes from last year. And despite the realisation that a year has passed, nearly 2 years since Jules left home for hospital on 20th August 2003, reading back on it all reminds me of all the good, happy days.

Life Is Full of Coincidences

Having been to see Hitchhikers at the weekend, and explaining to Becky about the books, radio, and tv series, imagine the surprise switching the tv on last night :-D Looks like the whole original TV series is being repeated. But, and here's the coincidence, I can't find any BBC listing showing when it's on :-O

Hmmmmm, maybe I was dreaming..... :-D

Ivan's Book Is Published

Ivan Noble
Ivan's book of his online diary, Like A Hole In The Head: Living With A Brain Tumour was published yesterday. Priced 8.99, I'll be getting my copy this weekend. All proceeds are to go to Medecins Sans Frontieres UK, the charity chosen by Ivan.

For those newer readers, just click on Ivan's picture to get to the BBC site for more information, or go direct to his online diary.

In other news, a bursary for journalists to work on the BBC News website has been set up in Ivan's memory. It will enable a recently qualified journalist to work on the science and techonology desk, a job that Ivan held whilst fighting against his tumour, and keeping the online diary.

Don't Panic!

Haven't been to the cinema in ages, so when the suggestion of going was made, I jumped to it :-D

Chose the new Hitchhikers film. And I know some readers will be disappointed, there's a big lads session in the offing. But I can assure you, it's one of those films I'd want to see again and again. I won't go into detail, but it's nothing like the original TV series, bares little to the long term plot in the books, but somehow it's managed to capture the essence of Hitchhikers, for me at least. And Becky, who hasn't read the books, or seen the original TV series, found it hilarious too :-D

Otherwise an eventful evening in Bedford. Do you notice when you want to find a quiet pub for a chat, that there's always a quiz night on? Although I did manage to have my first beer of summer, sitting outside by the marina (yes! Bedford has a marina!)

And then, on the way home, saving a hedgehog from a sudden squishing. Not that he/she seemed to happy to me suddenly picking them up and moving them off the road, hopefully to the side they were trying to get to ;-)


Best describes the weekend. Having had lots of plans involving outdoor activity, such as the garden and car stuff, it's been a weekend of staying indoors and doing household stuff. Until the vacuum cleaner suddenly started making horrible screaming noises, at which point even that endeavour had to end :-(

So, with nothing else to do, and having caught the tail end of Star Wars Episode 1 last night, I dusted off the DVD and watched that instead. And that's now really got me in the mood for seeing the latest, and final installment of the series. Which my brothers inform me, is well worth seeing. Even if it does cost double to see it at the cinema down here compared to up North :-(

Free Phone Anyone?

I've been getting a number of calls from Orange agents asking me if I want to upgrade for free. Now, in most cases I've said no, and that's been that. But the last one wasn't as straight forward.

Apart from her delightful Lancashire acent (she could've talked to me for days... ;-)), she kept going on about how I deserved a new phone, it was my right as an Orange customer, it was completely free, and I was under no obligation, no new contract, nowt! So, as I said, it sounded too good to be true. Except, and Jonathan seems to have similar misgivings, the phone is a Motorola V545. Now, don't get me wrong, they're nice phones, and sell in their droves, so something must be right. I can live with the phonebook and it's inability to cope with someone having more than 1 number (yes, Jonathan, it is that crap). But, I just can not get to grips with what, for me at least, has to be the worst design of user interface :-(X The menus don't appear logical, and some things I'd consider well used functions, are buried down in the menu structure, usually in the last place you'd expect :-(X Each Motorola I've had requires a good read of the user guide before using it. And each time the user interface has changed. Which is why I told the woman, thank you, but I don't like Motorola.

Ah, but you don't have to use the phone. Errr, what? No, you simply take the SIM and put it back in your old phone. So what do I do with the new phone then, if I'm not going to use it? Sell it.... :-O

So, after being told I could take the phone and sell it on eBay, I thought, why not. And a parcel arrived the other day, recorded delivery, addressed to Mr Dell.....

I give up :-(

Urgh... NEVER Again!

At least, that's what I always say after a bad hangover :-(

Went out to Stotfold last night for a couple of post-work beers with Gareth. His local has a curry/chilli night Thursdays, so it's always a good night for beer and food. And after this week, a chance to catch up on his progress at work, me having had 2 days out and made it a real short week. Even bumped into my department head and his partner, which made this morning even MORE embarassing :-(

I awoke this morning, feeling a little fragile, but none the worse than normal. I didn't, therefore, expect to be at home by 9am, wondering how long it would be before I'd start "talking to God on the porcelain telephone". Rough? I've not felt that bad in a loooong time. I blame the blue cheese ;-)

Just got up, having had a long, nausiating sleep. Off for a bath, then hospice for the plants, and maybe chance the gym. Pub later? You MUST be joking :-

In this week's Comet. Owh, and it's appeared in more than just the Stevenage edition, which was a nice surprise last night in Stotfold!

Click away to the extended bit...

Have You Been Infected?

Noticed an increase in spam over the last few days, on here, and also generally on email, in particular on the club's email lists, which are distributed far and wide, on many PC's. Turns out I'm not alone:

E-mail worm throws up hate spam

It's part of the infection from Sober-P. Needless to say all my virus and firewall's are updated now.

The other one's to do with PayPal, and the spoof emails asking for your credit card details, a number of which have been arriving to home email accounts. JS.Trojan.Blinder is it's name, and a pretty bad one it is too.

Of course, anyone with a Mac doesn't suffer, so don't remind me Jonathan, or Mike ;-)

More Kylie News

After yesterday's news, it's been hard not to miss the latest on what's happening:

Kylie to start cancer treatment

Still no clearer on what exactly is to happen, but I'd guess it'll have to wait until after the operation and tests.

Brings home how common cancer is becoming. I remember Jules consultant telling us that 1 in 10 people have a brain tumour of some description, and most die without it ever affecting them. Quite scary, particularly when you sit in a room of 100 people and do the math.

Happy Day

The end of the day hath arrived. And what a day, a real rollercoaster. Started off not really wanting to get out of bed, the sun shining, and the warmth of a long lie-in was just too much temption. Then the phone rang, and I had to get up ;-)

After Lynne and Jo arrived, Jules aunt and cousin, we went up to the cemetry with some flowers, and the flower tub I'd refilled with Forget-Me-Nots, and a load of bedding plants. All blue ones, naturally, of course :-D

Then, off to the Lytton Arms for sausage and mash, Jules favourite, and a pint of Tring Brewery Mansion Mild, in preparation for the technical visit in a few weeks (get your bookings in, usual email address ;-)).

And finally, after saying goodbye to Lynne and Jo, a quick "Old man's snooze", before Stu called to say everyone was off down the Fisherman, freshly refurbished, for some dinner and drinks.

All in all, a good day. A chance for us all to remember, smile, and be happy. I know that's what Jules would've expected ;-).

And a big thank you to everyone who sent me emails, cards, and text messages. It's nice to know you're all thinking about me, as much as I'm thinking about you ;-)

Some pics in the extended bit...

Awoke this morning, sun shining, to hear this news on the radio:

Kylie Minogue has breast cancer

It sounds like it's been caught very early on, and she's to receive treatment almost immediately, back home in Auz. Will keep an eye out on the news over the coming weeks.

........ Sad

A year has gone, and where? I'm sitting here, late, thinking about everything that has passed. How do you put it into words, the tears, the pain, the love, the fear?

I've spent the day busying myself, serendipity delivered a minor crisis in the car club, so along with the tidying around the house, I've had plenty to do. It's kept my mind focused on things, and apart from Spitfire's insistance on getting attention today, I've had a good long undisturbed day of tackling things.

I've also been trying to put together a few words for the paper, and eventually got that and a picture sorted and off to print.

I've also posted an entry on Jules weblog, and will no doubt add more here later on today once the day has ended.

T'is time for bed, and as my eyes close, time slips back to those happy memories, so much stronger these days. I miss the hugs more than anything else, and I don't think anyone can really appreciate the power a hug can deliver, a thought my Mum shared not that long ago. To those "Huggers" around me, thank you for lifting me. Here's to many more hugs to come.


Just had a long chat on MSN with Tessa. Cheered me up, hearing about her weekend and things. And put a few bits n bobs into perspective. What happens, what do you make it mean, and what does it make the other person make it mean. Confused? Not anymore :-D

Long, late night last night. Once mum had gone, the house quietened down. Then Mike, old work friend, called. Long time no hear. Filled me in on the latest in bonny Scotland, how his little contribution to the A380 is going. He says little, but when you talk A380, nothing's little. Was explaining how the height of the wing root is over 2 metres, and the machining shop for the wings is something you have to see to believe. Also sorting plans to get us all together, the old Northern gang, and me, the token Southerner. I know, I'm as Southern as black pudding. But I've been living down here now, on and off, for nearly 15 years. So it won't be long now before I can claim asylum down here ;-)

Gardening Time

After yesterday, today was again a sunny day. So out into the garden, via the garden centre and ASDA for lunch. I now have a mini-greenhouse for all the strawberries (Mmmmm :-p), and a few plants that were going cheap. Just needs a bit of Al's TLC and green fingers to get 'em back on their feet ;-)

And once all that was done, it was out with the salad, lager shandy, and patio furniture to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Another great day :-D :-D :-D

Good Day With Me Mam

Mum got here just after lunch, so took her to Subway. And despite the warning, she insisted on getting a foot long. Well, I did tell her they were very large ;-)

Took her shopping, using my old Uni trick, so I didn't have to pay ;-) Then up to the cememtry to see the bench, put some flowers up there. And then home for a cuppa before popping around to Janet's for a natter and more tea ;-)

Then time for dinner, and we went to one of the newer curry houses in Stevenage. Hard to believe but there must be 5 or more in the High Street now, and they all seem to be owned and run by the same guy.

Dinner was great, having a chat about my uncle Mike, Dad, Nana, in fact all the people in my life and some funny anecdotes to boot. All in all a great day, cheering me up and making me realise what happy memories we all have, if we let them escape from the vault in our mind and share with those around us.

Boing Boing Boing

Stevenage Borough are in the playoff finals tonight. A win will see them into the proper football league's at last. Not sure what their chances are, but I'm sure I'll get an update from Sy, he's off North to watch the game, and sample the local beers ;-)

Surprise, Surprise

Mum's been saying about coming down for a weekend, on her own, ever since I did the forum. Well, a text arrived a few minutes ago, and she's on her way down :-D

Better get me arse into gear and start cleaning the house before she gets here ;-) Been up since 5am, thought it was much later than that when I woke up. But I don't know where the time's gone.

The Grass Is Greener?

Met up with Phil after work today. Because his new job has random drug and alcohol tests (DNA tests to the uninitiated ;-)), it's difficult for him to come over for a Woodmand session during the day. And it pretty much leaves weekend's. And now he's earning silly amounts of money, it's finding a weekend he's not jetting away somewhere with his better half ;-)

All seems good for him, wedding plans are under way, and work is settling down now he's got his feet under the desk. And a payrise, only a couple of grand, is due soon. So another night out to celebrate I think ;-)

Cheered me up, and set me up for what I feel is going to be a corking weekend :-D A round of golf, possibly, with Nicky, very much weather dependent. Sorting out all those unanswered emails from the last week, finding out the latest on Tessa's mega party, maybe catching up with Becky, and a load of gardening to boot ;-) It's gunna be a busy one :-D

No Footy For Me

Was to have been playing footy tonight, except I can't find me boots :-(

So, instead I went to the gym, nipped home, and then popped out for a couple of beers with Gareth. Catching up with work stuff, and what needs to be done. Then over to the snooker club to see Stu and the guys for a couple of games. No more beer tho, don't want to be filling out like I did last year ;-) The weightloss and healthly living ain't been working too well the last week, although I've managed the gym twice this week. And no fish and chips for a fortnight :-O Definately going to change that this weekend ;-)

A "Stainless Steel" Introduction

Just got back from number 6 Seminar. And this evening was a guest evening Introduction to Landmark as well. Except the difference tonight was that the guests stayed in the room and worked through the seminar with us.

Quite interesting, it gave a completely different angle on what the seminar meant, and what the various conversations where talking about. I didn't manage to talk to everyone I could about coming down tonight, it was only a week's notice. So in some cases it was just too short notice. So I've got the dates for the up and coming ones now, so I can let you guys know with plenty of warning when the next one's are. There's one next week, the 18th, the day after Jules died.

As for what I got from tonight. Well, things have been building up, emotionally, as I know they will continue to do, at least for the next week. Up until five minutes before it started I was ready to leave and come home, even though I'd gotten myself all the way down there. I didn't want to be there, I felt crap, and there was no way I was sitting in a room listen and talking when I wanted to be at home, doing nothing. I'd even sat outide the room, instead of going in, waiting for the rest of the group to turn up, just so it would be easier sloping off. All sounds daft now I'm typing it, and I shared the fact with the group at the end. It's quite surprising how much emotion can well up and make you think and feel in a really different way.

I shared why with my seminar group at the end, and listened to everything everyone else was up to over the last few weeks. I've also taken on the challenge of sharing with the whole seminar in 2 weeks time, on the 25th May. The last time I shared myself to over 100 people was at Jules funeral. Serendipity indeed......

Sitting, Watching The World Go By

Have been spending a lot of time up at the cemetry, now that the bench is here. It's in such a great spot, facing into the evening sunshine, that it really does finish off a day popping in there on the way home. The birds are singing now, and the smells of spring are in the air. Plus, no matter how hard it rains, the bench never seems to be wet.

It's so peaceful, just sitting up there, watching things wander past. Brings clarity to my thoughts. And after last night, this evening was a chance to complete. I know it sounds daft, talking to someone who isn't actually there, but I found myself, as on previous evenings up there, just talking out loud about how much I miss her. Sharing what's been happening over the last few weeks and months, the new friends I've made, and the impact they've had on my life and my other friends. How much life has rearranged itself now that I'm present to what's happening around me once more. Comforting, vocalising oneself into the evening air.

I've chosen to have next Tuesday off. And I'm going to spend the day with Janet, visiting some of our old haunts. Places that Janet's heard of, but I'm pretty sure never experienced. Lunch at one of Jules favourite pubs. Sharing experiences and memories. Rather than sitting at home, depressed and quiet, like I think I would've probably wanted to spend the day if you'd asked me a few months ago.

And also, this weekend will be a weekend out and about. I've a few more things to sort in the house, stuff I didn't complete this weekend gone because I wasn't there. But the rest of the time I'm going to be out. Golf, pictures, dinner, who knows :-D Whatever happens, it'll be posted up on here :-D


Tonight was good. Janet popped round, (I'd been down the gym and that'd wipped me out ;-)), and we set to sorting through some pictures and words for next week's paper memoriam's.

In some ways I still can't get into my head that it's nearly 12 months ago. Even more hard is looking back on Jules Weblog at the stories from May 2003. Just looking through some of the pictures had me feeling like it was only yesterday. Which is good, as the clarity of those memories is so much more powerful now that I don't seem to have whatever it was blanking them out before. But I'd be lying if I said there wasn't just a little pain in the tears tonight. I feel cheated, cheated of what was a perfect life at the time. I know I've got things to remember, and things to look forward to. But getting over it is, and will be, a long haul. I'm grateful to have the memories and band of friends to keep me going, reminding me to be inspiring, share, and smile.

Bed beckons, I'd better be off. Otherwise today's early start into work will be wiped out by a late start tomorrow ;-)

Monday, Bright and Early

Well, after last nights bath I was asleep and away by 9:30, so an early start into work this morning :-D

Got a few things to get on with this week, big one being a review of what we're doing tomorrow morning. And I'm determined to get back into the swing of the gym, having let it slip for a week already. The shirt collar's feeling tight again :-O

It's also a week before the 17th, and we're sorting out a memoriam for the paper. That needs to be in this week too, so it'll make the press next Wednesday. That'll be tonight's exercise ;-)

Back, and Aching

So, another Inters been and gone. 2 very long days, interspaced with some pretty heavy, and at times, thundery showers. Thankfully I'd remembered to pack the waterproofs. I felt sorry for the other club members who'd offered to help on the Saturday tho, as it seemed to bucket down just after they'd arrived to help. Thanks again to the guys n gals, hopefully it'll be better weather next year :-D

Bumped into lots of people I've not seen since last year. And many asking how Jules is getting on, so had to let them know what's happened. Of course, this time last year I never expected that we'd only have a week left, so everyone hadn't realised how quickly things changed. It made me realise how easy it is to forget to keep in touch with friends, and how easier still it is to leave talking to them for such a long time. So I'm catching up more this year, getting myself to the various big shows once again. It'll be different without Jules. She was missed over the weekend, standing in the traffic queues, dishing out the programmes in her own special way ;-)

I'm home now, just finished unpacking the car. Going to jump in the bath in a minute. Felt really achy this morning when I got up, put that down to sitting on the floor of the portacabin on Saturday stuffing the programmes with flyers. I ain't the spring chicken I once was, the ol' bones just can't take the strain no more ;-)

Getting Ready for Inters!

It's the biggest car show of the year this weekend, so after the rushing around previous years cleaning the car, sorting stuff ready to fill the boot, and generally not having five minutes to sit back and enjoy life, I took the afternoon off. One of the perks of work now, if you put the hours in of course. Which I have, work being very busy at the mo', something I'm enjoying imensly :-D

So, more washing done after yesterday's fixing of the washing machine, all hung out to dry in the afternoon sunshine. And a sparkly clean car now sits outside. Of course, you know both these facts are tempting rain, and I am sat here, typing, looking out North and not liking the look of those clouds. Ah well ;-)

A Loong Day

A looong day today. After Nige turned up last night, surprise, surprise, it was an early start this morning. He'd popped down with the bearings for the washing machine, but more importantly, he was off to Surrey to get wings for his Merc. And very new and nice they look too :-D Will make the job of sorting it much easier and quicker now.

So, into work for a meeting, at which I was presenting the latest for Primavera and release 5.0. More of an overview of what it can do, with hints on the new stuff it'll bring. Hopefully we'll have a beta copy to play with, once we've got the IT side in gear and it installed. That'll give me and Mike some more to do over the next few weeks ;-)

Then, snuck the afternoon off to sort the washing machine. First bearing change I've done, and it went without a hitch. Couldn't find some of the tools at first, but eventually got there. And had a quiet dinner whilst it whirred away. None of the banging and crunching of last week ;-)

Seminar tonight too, and I'm buzzing again, if you haven't already noticed from the typing :-D Put alot back into perspective, and had some good conversations with the group and others there. Problem is, I'm now at home, 10 to midnight, and really don't feel like sleeping ;-) Gotta get off to bed, it's going to be a long weekend.

Cancelled Brewery Trip

So down pub with Gareth!

There wasn't the numbers unfortunately, and it was a fair distance to be travelling. Will be others, I can assure you, so if you've not already registered an interest, drop me an email ;-)

Should've gone down the gym tonight instead, not been for nearly a week now. Although the "no crap" diet does seem to be stopping the weight piling up. Will make the effort and go tomorrow instead ;-)

Banking On A Holiday

Didn't plan on much this weekend. Was intending to spend a bit oif time sorting out things at home. And enjoying sitting up at the cemetry, in the early evening sunshine. But after Sunday I realised getting out a bit was in order. So today, or rather, yesterday (it's Tuesday morning now ;-) I did :-D

First off, over to the cemetry for a few minutes, then around to Sy for lunch, and pre-match review. A quick dash down the pub to meet up with the rest of the guys, a few beers, and then they went off to the footy and I set to with the rest of my errands. Could've got a ticket for the match, but had already chosen not to go. And besides, there was a HUGE pile of recycling to get rid of after Saturday's clearout.

Then came the evening. Becky had rung Sunday, mentioning she might be helping a friend out at one of her locals. The idea of her pulling pints sounded too good to miss, so when she said it was definately on, I was over there like a shot ;-) A cracking evening, catching up on what she's done the last few weeks, and also meeting some of her friends. The description of the pub being something out of A League Of Gentlemen wasn't far off the mark either. Definately an experience, and I'm not promising I'll go back ;-) But if there's another opportunity to see Becky pull a pint of Websters Yorkshire bitter, I couldn't say no.

Quiet Sunday Wrecked!

Well, was planning on having a day at home, ended up being woken early, having a round of Golf before lunch, a christening, and a call from one of the Forum friends. So a hectic day. And good too :-D

Had a round of the Par 3 at Stevenage with Nicky before lunch. And the practise on Friday didn't show through. Although I've been told the Par 3 here is difficult, cough, so it's understandable if you don't do well ;-)

Christening of Carl and Maria's little bundle of joy, Luke. 7 months old I think, and how time has flown. Great gathering of both families, and a good chance to catch up with them both. Although I think family life is taking it's toll, both of them looking tired out after what must've been a mad day.

Becky called, apparently she's possibly working in a pub tomorrow, which will be a sight if it happens. She's going to let me know tomorrow if it's on. Hope so, a chance to catch up on all that's been going on. Would've chatted for longer, but one thing I've noticed since the Forum is the size of my phone bill increasing now that I'm in communication with lots of new people. So had a quick chat before nipping back into the christening.

And that was pretty much the day. Owh, nearly forgot. Ran out of petrol on the way back from playing Golf. Did that about a year ago too. But then as I've been saying, my mind's not all here at the mo'. I'm off elsewhere, and I know I am. So apologies if you're chatting away and I'm not listening. So, bath and bed next. Ready for the start of a short week back to work ;-)

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