Your Card Is Being Scanned

So, you go to the hole in the wall to get out cash, but do you expect to discover the machine has a fake front attached, and it's busily copying your card details? Nope, neither did I :-O

Apparently this kind of thing is on the increase, and the device I discovered last night was convincing enough for everyone before me. I'd only noticed something was wrong when my receipt didn't come out. On closer inspection I then realised the information on the front wasn't for the bank cashpoint it was stuck to. You can then imagine the reaction when I pulled at it, and it just fell off. Ripping out the innards so that anything it had recorded was hopefully lost. And then, whilst I rang the bank and another guy rang the Police, watching a rather annoyed young chap run off with what was left down the High Street with every CCTV camera around watching him go. What a night of excitement ;-)

A story, and picture of what looks like and identical device. My card's cancelled, on probably the worst weekend to do it, a bank holiday. Will be at least a week before my new card comes. But at least, for the moment, the fraud was stopped in its tracks :-D

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