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Sort It All Out

With Nige and Ian down, it's a weekend of house and car sorting, no surprise ;-)

With the washing machine knackered, it's also time to catch up on all my washing. Nearly 2 weeks worth. It's amazing how quickly it piles up when you've not got a washer to wash.

Been to Dad's Cafe for brekkie, having been out for a few beers last night, despite not being allowed in half the places, "Sorry sir, no trainers..." Really don't get this policy, more so now that most shoe places do "fashion" trainers as well as sports trainers. Anyway, their loss, as we went to Bottles and spent all our money there instead ;-)

Off out tonight with Gareth, Andy and Sy. Not going to bother with the Leisure Park, so it'll be a looong crawl of the Old Town, and a curry at the end no doubt. It's then an early start tomorrow to sort the washer out, and take any last big bits and bobs to the garage ;-)

The New Toy

Not going to be able to use it much yet, needs a full 3 charges before it'll be fully working. But it's already got me excited :-D

The screen's much better than the N7650, and it looks a little bigger too. Overall it's smaller than the N7650, but not by much. And, thankfully, it's lighter. On the downside, the camera lens doesn't cover up like on the N7650. So I'll need to look out for a case some point soon.

Reading the manual, it's got a 3Megapixel camera, with 20x digital zoom. 40Mb of internal memory, and capacity for upto 2Gb using a miniSD card. Built in radio, USB interface, video player, WLAN, and MP3 player. So loads more than my old 'un :-D

And the best bit is a neat package you bluetooth to your old phone which allows you to seeminglessly copy across all your data, without faffing around with switching SIM's or using the PC Suite. Excellent :-D

It's Here!

Just got back from my all day meeting to find a note from Goods In - the phone's arrived :-D

And about time, the battery on my Nokia 7650 is dying just about every hour, on the hour. But, lets be told, it's lasted more than 3 years. Which, if I bother to read the instructions, it should've died well before now.

Can't wait 'til tomorrow when I get my hands on it :-D

Rovers Doing Well!

My home rugby team, on account of being from the Eastside of Hull, Hull KR, are doing well this season. And, this Saturday, they're playing in the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup. Something they've not done for many years. In fact, probably not since the heady days of the '80's and the Wembley Derby games between Rovers and FC. And with Hull FC knocked out the cup in their first game, it's the team all Hull fans should be supporting ;-)

There's a good article on the BBC Sport pages, Robins still rocking. Haven't seen them play since the old days at Craven Park on Holderness Road. Will have to see if I can find somewhere showing it on the big screen this weekend ;-)

What's DIS?

Had our team brief today, lots of good news about work and progress on getting things moving. No news on who's doing what and when, so still unclear on my objectives and plans. But the appraisals start when I get back from hol's, so hopefully some light can be shone then :-D

Interesting news in the brief about DIS, and the speech at Farnborough on the latest. Encouraging progress, it seems, for UK business. We'll have to wait and see how it progresses for the rest of the year.

Ring ring...


Keep getting a number of calls from various places. No-one seems to want to leave a message, so they must be businesses. And a Google search doesn't appear to bring up anything. So, in an effort to track down what they are, I thought it'd be a good idea to publish them on this post. There's also a number of other sites with a wealth of information on this, including theanomaly Dealing With Nuisance Calls, bermudaviper | Annoying Cold Calls, and Snozwangler - Had a missed call or nuisance call and wonder who's number is....

00912030063103 Vonage, an American broadband and VOIP promoter.

01202 587676 Positive Response UK Ltd

01253 627855

01253 757069 Reclaim 2 Gain, no idea how they got the number they rang on!

01772 701811 Wise Move Associates, mobile phones

01872 243690 The Money Group

01925 555601 Carphone warehouse

0207 171 9010 Alpha telecom - flogging mobiles

0208 861 8682 Daily Telegraph subscriptions offer, Ipsos MORI market research, Lowestoft - http://www.ipsos-mori.com/

0208 296 1472 Daily Telegraph subscriptions offer

0208 296 1473 Carphone warehouse

0800 092 7204 or 08000 927204 American Life insurers

0800 013 6662 or 08000 136662 LBM Direct Marketing

0800 389 6818 or 08003 896818 The Listening Company

0800 0939 960 Brakenday Double Glazing

0800 169 8914 or 08001 698914 Cooperative financial services

0800 288 8127 or 08002 888127 Dave Bere, The Mortgage Group

0800 092 8808 or 08000 928808

0800 316 9887 or 08003 169887

0800 408 0012 or 08004 080012 Capital One Household Insurance (Legal & General)

0800 408 8090 or 08004 088090 Two Touch Marketing

0800 542 0029 or 08005 420029 UK Systems, Dyson agents for vacuum repairs and servicing

0845 490 0500 or 08454 900500 ADS

0845 490 0580 or 08454 900580

0845 055 4454 or 08450 554454 3G, Vodaphone mobiles

0870 240 2559 or 08702 402 559 SAP Cover, mortgage insurance and advice

0870 950 4801 or 08709 504801

0871 910 1010 or 08719 101010

0871 208 4189 or 08712 084189

Please post comment if you come across one of them, or if there's another number that pesters you :-D
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