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Airfix come unstuck

AirfixEmail received last night confirming that, after Heller went into administration a few weeks ago, Humbrol have followed suit. Not a real shock, things have been looking bad for many years. But after the success of the TSR.2 and further developments this year it did look like the lame duck had finally started to exercise its wings once more.

We'll have to see what happens next, but with Heller in worse and worse financial condition, and holding all the moulds (bar a few), they've really got Humbrol by the short and curlies. Without any way of manufacturing Airfix stock, there's nothing to sell. Expect a HUGE surge in eBay selling.

Stories online include:

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Apparently I've broken the spam filters again, and none of you can comment here. I've had a look and think it's sorted now, but it'll need testing.

If any of you still can't post a comment here, email it to me direct and I'll have a look and see what else I've blocked which I shouldn't have.

Official - Ian Is Funnier Than Me

Listening to the radio yesterday, I think it was, about how younger kids are more funnier than their older brothers and sisters. Didn't find it online, or in the later news stories in the evening. Managed to find the news story today - Younger siblings 'more amusing'.

Interestingly, it confirms what I, and most other men know, that women are crap at joke telling. They also can't make us men laugh. But then, as I'm sure I'll get comment, women find it easier laughing at with men.

So, it's true, everyone wants to see Ian out on a night, because they know they'll have a good night out. And he's certainly cheered me up the last few years with everything going on around me ;-)

Nothing to do with the torturous upbringing Nige and I put him through - don't ask about Chewbacca.

The BIG Change

"So it's this weekend?", and so all the emails and phone calls at work are now asking.

We're making a big change in the configuration of Primavera, in particular the resource definitions. And I've been working, practically non-stop, for the last few weeks and months on the Primavera API. It's a Java-based interface with the database, allowing you to interact in a similar way to the client software. It's the basis for their myPrimavera web-based application, which I'm pushing for us to move to next year.

Admittedly I've not seriously coded in Java before, and the last language I used in anger was C and C++ back at University. So it's been a major learning curve getting up to speed. But, it's there, and hopefully once reviewed, it'll be released out into the wild. And it'll make my job of doing the change so much easier ;-)

So How's The New Phone?

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Nokia N80My new, shiny Nokia N80 from Orange :-D

"Oh, you've got a new phone, Al?" ;-)

Well, can't describe it any other way than fantastic. Sure, the battery life is annoying, it only seemed to last 12-14 hours at first. But once you've worked out how to switch off all the countless "standby" modes (why they're not defaulted to off I don't know), the battery lasts just about 2 days. And I'm sure once I've cycled it a few more times it'll be up to 3 days.

A fully functional office application, allowing you to look at all the MS Office apps. A PDF viewer, Opera browser, ooodles of memory. Email, infrared, Bluetooth, WLAN, and built-in radio too. 3 megapixel camera, with exposure control, flash, image editing. Some of the pics from last week are amazing. Will have to add to the posts when I'm at home long enough ;-)

All in all a brilliant package. And the fact it was free helps too :-D

Some interesting reads on the Nokia Discussion Forums about the N80 and it's problems. A good source for hints and tips on how to get the most from it too ;-)


So, come back from the Agoonoree and got dumped...

Single again...

Apparently not talking every day of the week isn't on. What I give and what she wants are 2 different things. And so we've parted company. Opposites repel.

Life isn't really that complicated. We, as a race, apply a meaning and so make it the complex mess life means...

They Slipped That One In...

Catching up on the news, stories, and gossip on all my fav site (yes, I know, I could've done this on me N80, but gotta be careful with the ol' download spends ;-)). Interesting comment on the club's site about the new Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, in particular rules on repairing your car on the roadside. This includes fixing your car outside your house.

The interpretation is that you can't fix your car on the roadside if it's going to take more than 3 days to sort. In which case you either get agreement from the local council, put it in your garage, or pull it onto the driveway.

Classic car owners beware :-O

Back Home

Ahhh, the joys of a comfy bed and all those home comforts. Well, I say that, there's little in the cupboards, and it appears the heating and hot water ain't working. But hey, I've been sleeping in a tent the last week, so anything more solid than a sheet of canvas is an improvement, surely?

Spitfire, on the other hand, is over the moon to see me. Funny moment earlier on, whilst unpacking the car. He'd decided to jump in, who knows, maybe to help me unpack. But, as he was walking around the roof of the car, a bat started making circuits of the carpark. Now, bearing in mind it's only around 8pm, it was very easy to see. And, of course, someone became transfixed, sat on the roof, watching this bat flying back and forth. No idea what Spitfire was thinking, "Hey, there's a flying mouse, don't see that every day, do you...", or something along those lines ;-)

Anyway, car's unpacked, it's dark, and I'm hungry. Off for me tea, a combination of a catering pack of cornflakes, Weetabix, and 6 litres of UHT milk, since that's all I've got in the house. Mmmmmm ;-)

Laura's Going Out With Nige!

Jules' little sis, Laura, asked my brother out last night apparently :-O

Not too sure how I feel about it. And I can imagine there's going to be a whole load of discussion when I get back to Stevenage.


So, this is my first post from my N80 using the new Orange browser, the trial for which started today. The original Nokia browser didnt agree with the Movable Type publisher and kept throwing errors. So far it seems to be working. Its based on Opera, but I'll post more once I'm at a proper keyboard!

Day Out

This years day out was to Cruckley Farm, near Driffield. Lots of animals to see, including a cow getting milked, baby turkey's and chicken's, and what felt like hundreds of goats eating anything and everything in sight :-O

It was then a quick dash to Withernsea for a dip in the sea and fish n chips. The tide was on it's way in, which did catch a few out, but all the same it was a good hour down by the seaside ;-)

Agoonoree Time Again

Off up North for the Yorkshire Agoonoree again, as soon as I've finished off what needs to get down before I leave work for a week

For those who don't know, there's a good history of the the Yorkshire Agoonoree on the Kingston Scouts website.

This year's at Bailwood, the East Hull Scout District campsite. I've not been there for over 10 years, so it'll be interesting to see what's changed. I guess the wood itself will be the most noticable, having been hit by Dutch Elm diease many years ago.

Looking forward to a week off, even if it isn't exactly a relaxing week. As they say, a change is as good as a rest ;-)


A trip to the Great British Beer Festival in Earls Court today. Trade tickets gotten via various routes, which means not having to pile in with the general public ;-)

Interesting day, in particular meeting the guy who owns the brewery we were there representing. Getting an appreciation of how difficult it can be brewing beer and trying to sell it to the disearning public.

Lots and lots of loverly beer, just a shame work beckons tomorrow, otherwise I'd happily go back and sample them all again :-D

There's some pics on the CAMRA site, can't see meself in there anywhere, but then I'm struggling to see straight now anyway ;-)

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