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Didn't See That Coming... NOT!

Didn't see
that coming
, now, did we? Jacksons' local supermarkets were a common sight around Hull, and when the announcement was made everyone thought it was a buyout, rather than a merger. But Sainsbury's said at the time that Jacksons would live on.

Funny thing is, I've always commented on how, when you look at the store signs, the Sainsbury's name is bang in the middle, with the Jackson's bit off to one side, ready to be painted out. Hmm...

A Perfect Saturday

Dean WindassIt started off with a Marilyn Monroe moment in Cambridge, followed by a pint of Black Sheep (I'd been dreaming about it last night, don't ask ;-)), good food and company, a pub serving Bishops Finger draft (only the second time in my life), and finally, home, to find Hull City have probably secured another season in the Championship :-D And Leeds are more than likely to be relegated next Saturday.

Off to bed, to dream about what's going to happen tomorrow :-D

He's Playing!

Confirmation, tonight, Cooke is playing for the Robins :-D

Let's hope he can do what he's done for FC for us :-D When the red, red, robins, come bob, bob, bobbing along, along... :-D

Millward Says Let The Cooke Go!

Paul CookeI remember watching Roger Millward play for Rovers when I was a kid (and yes, being the only Bell who supports the Reds was hard), so it's a blast from the past reading his views on the Cooke battle that's been unfolding this week.

If the stories are true, Cooke's always wanted to play for Rovers, it's just been a case of waiting for them to get back into the top flight. Although I know a few others reckon it's more to do with the money on offer. I'm also surprised Sharp didn't make sure all the paperwork was in place when Cooke agreed his new contract, if the news that he never actually signed anything's true.

Either way, it's adding more excitement and banter for the derby clash in Cardiff ;-)

Catching up on local news, mainly from online at the Hull Daily Mail's website and BBC Sport, and rumours abound Paul Cooke's signing for Hull KR? Apparently, he's handed his notice in today, and was watching Rovers play on Sunday.

Stranger things have happened, I guess.

Ale Be Back

Having had a real ale inspiring weekend, I thought I'd have a surf around a few places and catch up on the news, as well as wetting the appetite reading what the latest brews are coming out from the 2 breweries I can't get supplies from.

I also stumbled across the Hertfordshire CAMRA Branches Pubs Database, a great resource for finding pubs in the county, and where stocks your fav tipple :-D

Tring Brewery, always a favourite thanks in no small measure to the trips with the IET, see 2004, 2005, and 2006. They've a fantastic new website, with all the info on beers, as well as news of producing bottles of my favourite tipple in the not-too-distant future. Furthermore, a move to bigger premises, no doubt to increase the capacity for the regular brewery trips ;-)

And catching up with Taff's work, a.k.a Jonathan Hughes, and the Great Orme Brewery. More awards, and even better still, they're selling the beer online. Better get me order in for the Bank Holiday ;-)

5 Years At Our Mutual Friend

What is becoming my fav pub, the landlord and landlady celebrated 5 years tenancy today :-D

Ian and Bailey came down last night, and after a trio of Dad's Cafe Daddy's full english breaky's, we headed for the pub, to meet up with the guys from work. Plan, to have an afternoon of sampling the beers, some specially brewed for the celebration, including a very tasty number from, of course, Tring Brewery :-D

Better go, don't want to end up burning me chips, like normal :-O

Airfix Is Back Online!

News from a couple of forums, and low and behold, click www.airfix.com and you'll see it's coming back :-D

Sounds like everything that was there before will be back soon. No news on exact dates, but register and you'll be told when it's back in full.

Fantastic! Free Broadband!

Ian sent me this, Google are offering free broadband. Brilliant :-D

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