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The N95 Saga

Not just because Jonathan's blog's comments are broken, (see Reasons the iPhone is going to clean the N95s clock), but also because this is the phone I've been eyeing up ever since my N80 started doing what everyone else's appears to have done.

"But I thought you said the N80 was great, Al?" I hear you cry.... Hmmm...

Where do I start? Well, the battery is pants. No matter how hard I try to condition it, it really doesn't last more than 2 days max. And if, like a few weekend's ago, I take lots of pics, send a few texts, and call a couple of people, it lasts 8 hours :-O Then there's the odd way, randomly, it locks up after 4 rings of an incoming call. Or, more recently as I've mentioned, not receiving text messages for up to a week after they've been sent, "You coming down't pub, Al?", err, no, coz it's now Thursday, and last Friday night was 6 days ago :-(

On paper it looks like the N80 with all the bits that didn't make it into the N80 design, and so make the N95 work. But I've heard too many stories that suggest otherwise. So, after being bitten by the N80, I'll wait on feedback from users of the N95 before I make the move. And besides, I've just found out from Orange I'm on contract 'til the end of the year, so there's plenty of time before I can afford to anyway ;-)

Hull Cashing In

A white Hull phone boxSo with the local elections pushing the Lib Dems into control of Hull City Council, one of the first acts it appears, has been to sell off the remaining stake in Kingston Communications. Not sure if it's a wise move, the shares haven't really done much in recent times, only peaking a small amount amid rumours of a buyout.

Of course, this is just another step in the unique history of my hometown. More can be read at the wikipedia entry for Hull.

Brown's The Manager

Phil BrownSo the contract has finally been sorted, and just needs a signature :-D

A lot's been said during the season, whether he's the man for the job or not. And some will argue we didn't win our stay, just had more luck than others. Well, we'll wait and see for the season coming, but I'm confident he's done a good job, and will continue to do so.

Can't wait to see what happen's in the closed season. Plenty of rumours of who's being brought in, and also who's being shown the door ;-)

Back from me hol's

So that's why it's been quiet round here ;-)

I'll be back filling the days gone with pics and stories, so stay tuned, as they say ;-)

Anyway's, off out with Nige and Laura to sample the beer at OUr Mutual Friend. And maybe a pork pie or 3 ;-)


Unlike last year, I wasn't alone this year today. Enjoying the day swimming, and then out for some food at Hucks, where we'd been last night. The service, naturally because of the date, was perfect.

Back at the villa now, enjoying the remainder of the Side Pocket for A Toad, yum :-p

Thanks for the text's matey's, although I suspect I'll be getting more when I reset my mobile before going to sleep tonight. It's still not receiving them on time.

The holiday's start!

Off to Centre Parcs today for a week away from work, hurrah :-D

Nige and Laura got down yesterday, and helped finish off packing and sorting out the house and Spitfire.

Frantic rush around this morning, as we're all meeting up round Janet's to go up in convoy. I've a load of stuff to send out for Club GTI, pop to the bank, and get petrol. So better dash. Will get the pics up as soon as I get back ;-)

New Muppets Film

Courtesy of Ian and his web surfing, a clip of the new Muppets film. Well, okay, what could be the new Muppets film...;-)

A Big Day Then?

The rumours have been flying around, even read that today would be the day a month ago in a trade paper, so officially we now know Blair will stand down on 27 June. And in other news, my old local MP, "2 Jags" quits as deputy leader.

So, here's a quiz. Apart from 10 being the double of 5, and so expectation of 2 depatures being seen. What's the significance of the 27 June, and also the number 10 to me this year? All the clues are here. Answers, to the usual address, on the back of a 10 note ;-)

Big Warming House

So, after a long night out celebrating, it wasn't a quick get up and go this morning ;-)

Having set the beer up, got the shopping, me, Bailey, and Nige popped down The Pipe & Glass to see what real ale delights they had on offer. A lovely Daleside Bitter, Wold Top Brewery Wold Gold as well as Black Sheep Bitter, one of my ever growing favourites :-D

It was then, after a couple, back to the house to start preparation for the house warming BBQ. Didn't take long before the Tring Beer was cracked open, a pint of Jack O'Legs starting the mini beer festival :-D

Everyone started arriving around 4-5pm, and by 6pm the BBQ was roaring, and the beer flowing. Mum found her favourite with the Side Pocket for A Toad, and Laura practically finished the 9 pint tin of Blonde, not surprisingly, her favourite ;-)

Just about everyone's gone now, just Bailey left cuddling his pint glass, better go rescue it before he makes a mess ;-)

Pics in extended bit... (Once I've uploaded them!)

Whaaayyy Heyyy !!!

Hull KRIt was a struggle to keep my mouth shut tonight, but what a game ;-)

FC were terrible in the first half, as if they were frightened of anyone in a red and white shirt. I know I've said before that FC don't play great rugby, but it was appallingly bad first half. The second half started better, both sides seemed to be playing, rather than just Rovers. But it seemed FC just didn't have that little extra. And talk about dropping the ball :-O It was as if all the FC players had butter over their hands?

Off to go play pool over the road, against an Earlie Bird. Doubt I'll win that for Rovers ;-)

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